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Simple and easy to use skate sharpener. SkateMate Sharpener is easily adjustable to fit all skate blade widths and hollows. SkateMate prolongs a skate's sharpness!  Simple and affordable.  Replacement parts available.

  • Hand-held Skate Sharpener
  • Quick and easy to use - Simply slide along runner
  • Immediately adjustable to fit all skate blade widths and hollows
  • SkateMate has a patented flexible abrasive sharpening cylinder that sharpens with respect to the runner's radius
  • The special ceramic-embedded abrasive used in SkateMate’s cylinders is the second-hardest material on the face of the earth. Only pure diamond is harder. Internal Teflon Glide Strips - Provide for a smooth sliding action up and down the blade
  • External Deburring Strips - For a professional job, after sharpening, deburr sidewalls in few more strokes
  • Skatemate prolongs a skate's sharpness - SkateMate does not wastefully ‘grind’ off your blades, it merely removes small nicks and ‘hones’ your existing edges to ultimate sharpness (and often better than any grinding wheel)
  • Replacement sharpening cylinders and glides strips are available in the Skate Mate Replacement Kit (Kit is featured below)


To successfully sharpen a pair of skates, please follow these guidelines:

  • Take a colored marker pen and apply it to your skate blade along the entire hollow.
  • Open your SkateMate enough to prevent damage to the Telfon-coated guide and put it on the blade.
  • Close SkateMate carefully so that it sits firmly (does not rock from side to side) on the blade, yet is loose enough to move up and down. The best method is to close it until tight and then back up just a bit, so that it will slide snugly but freely.
  • Slide SkateMate up and down the blade once [DO NOT PRESS DOWN: let the tool do the work!] and note how much and where the marker pen color is removed.
  • If no color has been removed, press slightly harder. The new cylinders are somewhat stiffer than the previous ones.
  • If color begins to be removed from the bottom of the hollow rather than at the edges, your radius is bigger than the SkateMater cylinder. You will need to apply still more pressure.
  • When the color of the marker pen begins to disappear at the edges, then you are honing your blade correctly.
  • It should take no more than 4–8 runs up and down your blade to remove all or most of the color.
  • When all the color has disappeared, so have your dull edges
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Comments: Pretty decent product. I use this one or two times between real skate sharpenings to keep blades sharp or to repair lost edges. Keep in mind though that hand held skate sharpeners like this are not meant for resharpening, so don't replace professional skate sharpenings with this. I wouldn't recommends using it more than three or four times between real skate sharpenings,and dont use it when the edges are completely dull. I usually use it after five or six hours of ice time, and it works pretty well. It's a really handy product to have around, and I think it's definitely worth the money.
From: ??

Comments: Nice and handy little product. I recommend this product for skaters who want to maintain their already sharpened edges and make them last. I do not recommend sharpening a completely dull skate with this product. After getting your skates sharpened by a pro, keep this thing handy to keep those edges sharp before and after hitting the ice. Great item to have in your bag for quick edge repairs or keeping your edges feeling fresh off the machine.
From: Alexander, Livermore, CA

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