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The CCM U+ Fit09 hockey shoulder pads offer a similar design to the CCM U+ Pro shoulder pads with slightly less protection, but a lighter feel. The CCM U+ Fit09 shoulder still offer an advanced level of protection, and great mobility.

CCM has used a unique design on their shoulder pads for the clavicle and shoulder caps. Essentially CCM has used an oversized clavical guard that overlaps the shoulder cap. This offers additional protection to front and back hits and allows for good mobility.

CCM has used a fair amount of elastic and stretch zones on the U+ Fit09 pads.  The most noticeable areas are attaching the shoulder caps, biceps, and clavicle guard, giving the shoulder pads great mobility.  Although, that pads still have a solid feel and good fit.

  • Protector:
    • Molded high density foam with pre-formed PE inserts and stretch zones
    • Molded EPP with high impact protection in the clavicle and shoulder blade
    • Removable stomach protection
    • Integrated asymmetrical HD foam with stretch zones
    • Dual-split articulated high density foam with PE insets and stretch zones
  • Liner:
    • Sublimated liner with VECTOR DRY anti-microbial treatment
  • Fit:
    • Redesigned anatomical torso for body hugging protection
    • Integrated low-profile shoulder cap with stretch zones
    • Comfort neck opening padding
    • Segmented body panels for increased protection
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of play

  • CCM Sizing Guidelines:
    Shoulder Pad Size / Player Height / Chest circumference(inches)
    Small / 5'-5'7 / 34"-36"
    Medium / 5'5"-5'11" / 38"-42"
    Large / 5'9"-6' / 42"-46"
    X-Large / 5'11" / 44"
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Comments: This is the 5th pair of shoulder pads that I have purchased over the last 6 months, trying to find the perfect balance between protection, mobility, and overall feel/appearance. After playing a few games in these shoulder pads, I can honestly say these are the best pads that I have ever owned. The level of protection theses pads offer is perfect for all levels of hockey. I play in a rec. league where there is no checking but there is the occasional open ice contact or collision into the boards. I feel perfectly safe and confident that I am protected from injury while wearing these pads. I would feel the same level of confidence if I was playing in a higher level of competition and with more contact. The mobility is excellent. I have noticed no restriction during play. Another factor is comfort. With some of the other pads, I noticed the neck would ride-up and start rubbing under my chin when I was resting on the bench. Not in these pads. And finally, the overall appearanc e is great. You get all the protection and mobility I just mentioned, without looking like a stooge. All the other pads that I tried reminded me of the shoulder pads that I used to wear when I was playing linebacker in high school. One thing I can't stand is these obscenely bulky shoulder pads that some of the other guys in my league are wearing. Overall, i think this is a great pad for all levels. Also, you should give the matching elbow pads a try. They are just as comfortable, protective, and mobile as the shoulder pads. Hope this helps others when trying to decide on these pads.
From: Derek, OK

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CCM Hockey Shoulder Pads Senior

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT Hockey Shoulder Pads are the flagship pads in the QLT series, providing incredible mobility and lightweight protection. The base layer features Zotefoam® and VentShield to create a super lightweight and breathable wrap around the torso. Zotefoam® is incredibly light and flexible, but offers a high level of impact protection making it perfect to enhance fit and mobility. 

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 290 Hockey Shoulder Pads has a lightweight EVA foam base layer with vents in the back panel and featuring VentShield in the front. This combination of protective foams and engineered vented plastic keeps players mobile and well covered with a comfortable fit around the upper body. Additionally, both the front and back panels use elastic straps to attach the sternum and spine guards for an enhanced range of motion.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 270 Hockey Shoulder Pads uses an extremely lightweight EVA foam base that perfectly contours around the body for incredible mobility. Even with its lightweight fit, the Quicklite 270 provides comprehensive overlapping coverage to maintain mobility without sacrificing protection. This is especially noticeable in the clavicle, shoulder, and bicep protection.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 250 Hockey Shoulder Pads features Dryfoam technology in the front panel, which uses closed cell construction to reduce moisture buildup and keep the shoulder pads light. To protect key areas, CCM placed anatomically molded PE shields in both the sternum and the spine. 

  • The CCM QuickLite 230 Hockey Shoulder Pads provide recreational-level protection in a very lightweight and mobile fit. Using PE Foams and a hard PE shoulder cap, the lightweight design segments across the body for a comfortable wrap. The QLT 230 also has reinforced protection in the spine, sternum, and bicep guards.

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Shoulder Pads are the top of the line shoulder pads in the CCM Tacks lineup, offering professional protection and performance. CCM uses a lightweight high-density foam in the sternum, spine, and bicep guards for a high level of protection and flexibility. 

  • The CCM Tacks 2052 Hockey Shoulder Pads provide added comfort and protection for the recreational hockey player. CCM uses their molded foam armor as the base level of protection for a comfortable layer of protection. 

  • The CCM Tacks 1052 Hockey Shoulder Pads provide entry level protection with great mobility. The multi-segmented low-density foam base gives a layer of protection around the chest, ribs and upper back, while allowing for unobstructed movement. CCM uses a hard plastic (PE) shoulder cap and low density for shoulder protection, and a molded plastic with high density foams in both the sternum and bicep guards. 


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