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The Tour Aironic 490 Goalie Chest Protector provides protection adequate for playing street hockey for recreational roller hockey.

The Aironic 490 chest protector offers a heavy duty nylon to increase the durability, making this chest protector built to last. Tour has used molded poly and foam shoulder caps to reduce the impact of a shot to the shoulder. The Aironic 490 chest protector also features a Tri-flex system which allows for maximum mobility and flexibility.

The Tour Aironic 490 chest protector won't slow you down with it's lightweight foam construction.

  • Model Number: G304A
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Street: Recreational
    • Roller: Recreational
    • Ice: Not intended for ice hockey
  • Construction:
    • Heavy duty nylon for increased durability
    • Screen printed logos
    • Lightweight foam construction
  • Shoulder:
    • Molded poly and foam shoulder caps
    • Wide floating shoulder pads
  • Chest:
    • Sternum protection
    • Foam chest blocks
    • Tri-Flex system for increased mobility
  • Arms:
    • Reinforced forearm protection
    • Molded poly and foam protection
    • Elastic velcro strap for the wrist
    • Molded poly elbow caps with adjustable elastic straps
  • Back:
    • Spine protection pad
    • 1.5" adjustable elastic strap with buckle
  • Weight:
    • 3.15lbs (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Comments: Good ball hockey coverage. A Bit of a wierd cut at the bottom that requires pants to sit a bit higher then they should, but I've got plenty of "natural" padding in the gut area. I would not want to face pucks with this product.
From: Miles, Ft. Collins, CO

Comments: I purchased this chest pad for inline hockey against some decent shooters. I immediately sent it back. Tour seems to have thought very little about protection for your arms. The typical square bi-fold pad for your inner elbow is lacking, leaving a one to two inch gap between the bicep and forearm pads, exposing the tendons to a hard shot. The flat elbow pad at the back floats in a pocket far too large for the pad. I would not trust the pad to be under my elbow when needed. The pad should have been stitched into a smaller pocket to keep it under the elbow. Never having actually played with the pad, I can only comment that other than the arm issues the pad seemed well made and designed. If you block many shots with your arms, look at other chest pads.
From: Mathew, Knoxville, TN

Comments: its great i play with people that could go pro and i feel nothing excellent freedom of movement it fits perfect and its not to hot or heavy
From: Joe, MA

Comments: pad is good for ball hockey, wouldn't recommend against puck. Very little padding on the arms and inner elbows leave you vulnerable to hard puck shots. It is very light, quick on/off, but offers minimal adjustments which is expected at this price. Even in a summer league the light weight keeps it from getting too hot under there.
From: Keith

Comments:I love this chest pad. Slap shots are nothing against this. I wouldn't use it for ice hockey but for any type of ball hockey it's great. 10 out of 10.
From: James

Comments:Great protection, very comfortable and perfect for ball hockey
From: Brownie, NJ

Comments:Have been using this model and the older model for the last four years playing ball hockey. Needed something substantial, but w/o the weight + bulk of my ice c/a. This fits the bill perfectly for ball hockey (def would not use for ice). I'm 5'9" 160, and M fits perfect. Very comfortable, easy to move in, and no rubbing/hot spots. Built-in elbow pads shift slightly sometimes, but other than that, it's perfect. Worth the price.
From: BMG

Comments:This is a great chest pad for ball or puck roller. wouldn't use it on ice but this is absolutely great for any roller
From: Jim, NY

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