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The Tour Aironic 590 Goalie Chest Protector offers protection suitable for goalies playing up to the intermediate levels of ice hockey.

The Aironic 590 is constructed with various nylon fabrics good for wear and tear while keeping the protector as lightweight as possible. Low, medium, and high density foams are used throughout giving the goalie a high level of protection in the key areas. Molded poly inserts are used in combination with foam in high impact areas, dispersing shot energy.

The Tour 590 goalie chest protector offers substantial protection in the upper chest area including Tour's Maximum Sternum Guard, a floating foam and poly pad that helps reduce impacts to your chest area. High density chest blocks make up a majority of the chest abdominal and chest protection with a combination of poly plastic inserts, high and soft low density foams. Extra wide shoulder floater guards add protection to your chest and collar keeping you safer in the game. Extra neck and throat protection comes from the medium and low density foam custom neck protector. Protecting your shoulders are the large shoulder guards, constructed from molded poly and foam. Protection throughout the arms include molded elbow guards, molded forearm and bicep guards, and protecting your inner arm are the hinged foam flaps. Protecting your back and spinal area is the large spinal pad, medium density foam and poly insert are used in the construction. The Aironic 590 has several elastic straps giving you a custom fit including five straps throughout the arm and two securing the spinal protective pad.

The Tour Aironic 590 goalie chest protector is a great choice for goalies wanting budget priced protection thats lightweight and suitable up to intermediate level ice hockey.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: G344Y
  • Level of Player: (Junior)
    • Roller: Advanced
    • Ice: Intermediate
  • Construction:
    • Heavy duty nylon for increased durability
    • Screen printed logos
    • Lightweight foam construction
  • Shoulder:
    • Molded poly and foam shoulder caps
    • Extra wide shoulder floaters
  • Chest:
    • Maximum sternum guard
    • Foam chest blocks
    • Custom neck protector
  • Arms:
    • Reinforced forearm guards
    • Molded poly and foam protection
    • Elastic velcro strap for the wrist
    • Molded poly elbow caps with adjustable elastic straps
  • Back:
    • Spinal protective pad
      • Medium density foam with poly insert
    • 1.5" adjustable elastic strap with buckle
  • Weight:
    • 4lbs (Based on a Youth size)
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