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The Tour 90BX Pro roller hockey girdle is the premier girdle from Tour.  The 90BX offers advanced protection and a great fit.

Tour has primarily used a lycra material on the construction of this girdle.  Lycra offers great flexibility and movement while not adding very much weight. The 90BX girdle features vacuum formed pads to contour to the body offering a great fit.  Tour has used plastic inserts in the hip areas, as well as in the tailbone area.  The upper hip areas are single density foams roughly 1/4" thick.  This is going to be a similar size and type of foam used in the thigh region.  Tour has also included a cup pocket and cup which is a nice touch.

The 90BX also features an elastic waist, however, this pad does not have a belt or lace closure.

  • Protection:
    • Vacuum formed pads
    • Reinforced plastic sheeting
    • Protective cup included
  • Fit:
    • 360 Pro Lycra® flex
    • Custom zipper leg
    • Elastic waist
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, and XL
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Comments: Very pleased with the hard shells on the thighs, lower hip and tailbone... I do defensive slides on asphalt like I'm playing on ice in this girdle. I like that I can just pull out the high hip pads which I don't need. But this girdle has two serious problems IMO. #1, the waist is elastic, no belt. I get droopy drawers slippage already -- the elastic isn't great. I'm going to have to rig up suspenders or belt loops in the near future. #2 I like the built in jock, too bad the stitching on the loop that goes around the right thigh detached the first time I wore this girdle -- what bs! Well, If you're going to throw your body around on outdoor rinks this is great protection. But tour could beef up the stitching and add a belt to make this a better product.
From: Doug

Comments: Bought this to replace Reebok 7K. Was looking forward to compression style. Unfortunately when trying it on for the first time I noticed the padding does not cover the thighs very well. The design leaves a lot of exposure. Also, the single density foam without plastic inserts (like the 7K) make me a bit nervous as well. I knew it would be like that for mobility -- but when combined with the small coverage area it isn't going to work for me. Sending it back.
From: Tony, WI

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