Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Fusion Steel Runners Senior (Pr)
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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Fusion Steel Runners Senior (Pr)

The Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Fusion runner features a combination of steel and aluminum.  This innovative construction reduces the weight by 27% versus a standard stainless steel runner.  Weight at the extremities, like the runner, is the hardest weight to move for the body.  Therefore, reducing this weight by 20-30 grams makes a big difference.  At full extension during a skating stride taking just 1 gram out of the runner is equivalent to removing 4 grams from the boot!  With the Tuuk LS Fusion runner's weight savings of 27%, the player will notice a difference in the skates weight and performance.  

  • Model Number: 1033303
  • Holder Compatibility: Tuuk LightSpeed 2 (LS2)
  • Bauer General Sizing Guidelines
    Size / Length / Compatible Skate Sizes
    Sr. 6 / 254 / 6.0D-6.5D  (5.5EE-6.0EE)
    Sr. 7 / 263 / 7.0D-7.5D  (6.5EE-7.0EE)
    Sr. 8 / 272 / 8.0D-8.5D  (7.5EE-8.0EE)
    Sr. 9 / 280 / 9.0D-8.5D  (8.5EE-9.0EE)
    Sr. 10 / 288 / 10.0D-10.5D  (9.5EE-10.0EE)
    Sr. 11 / 296 / 11.0D-11.5D  (10.5EE-11.0EE)
    Sr. 12 / 306 / 12.0D  (11.5EE-12.0EE)
  •  Not for 2013 or new Bauer Skates that have Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holders
  • 27% lighter than standard stainless steel
  • Highest grades of stainless steel and aluminum fused together by epoxy and rivets
  • 9 ft radius
  • These runners are sold in pairs
  • Same sharpen life as the standard runners
  • Senior sizes 6-12
  • Works with Tuuk LightSpeed 2 (LS2) Holders, NOT "LightSpeed Edge" Holders

It's always a good idea to carry in your bag an extra set of runners so you never miss a shift.  Check out Bauer's Tuuk Lightspeed Service and Travel Kit for a convenient storage case that will save your bag and preserve your runners.

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