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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder Junior BLACK
PRICE: $29.99
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Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder Junior BLACK

The Bauer Tuuk LightSpeed Black Edge Holder is the next generation from the legendary Tuuk family. The Edge holder sits 3mm taller in the the front and rear post so that the skate will not bottom out as quickly, therefore allowing palyers to turn tighter than ever before. The other update was the quick release runner system. Using the trigger located in the rear post, once this is fully compressed the runner will pop out in seconds and will be ready for a fresh pair of steel. This is ideal for the player who plays frequently on difference ice hardnesses, allowing them to switch out different steel sharpened for different rinks. The other advantage is in case of an emergency where a runner is broken in a game, the player won't miss a shift trying to swap out their steel.

  • Bauer General Sizing Guidelines:
    • On D width skates round skate size down to nearest whole size to determine holder size
      • Example = Skate size 3.5 D would use a size 3 holder
    • On EE width skates round skate size up to nearest whole size to determine holder size
      • Example = Skate size 3.5 EE would use a size 4 holder
  • Replacement Holders for:
    2013 Vapor Skates (APX2, X100, X90, X80, X70 and X60)
    2014 Supreme Skates (MX3, 190, 180, 170 and 160)
  • Optimized height for tightest turns
    • 3mm higher than Tuuk LightSpeed Holder
  • Impact-tested under HECC and CSA helmet standards
  • Replacement holder for most high-end Bauer skates
  • Sold individually (not in pairs)
  • Holder only
  • Works with all Tuuk Edge runners
  • Does NOT work with non-Edge Runners
  • Junior sizes: 1-5
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