Tacki Mac Hockey Blade Attack Pads
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Tacki Mac Hockey Blade Attack Pads

Rubberized grip pads for the hockey blade. Features vertical ridges and cushion for incredible puck control. Available in several colors in senior and junior sizes.

TheTacki Mac pad is the ultimate in puck control.

  • Rubberized grip pad for the blade
  • Vertical Ridges keep the puck where you want it
  • Cushions the puck for unbeatable control and shot acceleration
  • Consistent feel and blade protection you can't get from tape
  • Quick and easy to apply - peel and stick
  • Stays soft and tacki. Won't absorb water
  • Package consist of front and back pads
  • Sizes: Senior, Junior
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Comments: I used this for inline hockey and cannot speak for ice. I was very impressed by this product. It does add more weight to blade and that felt weird at first, but wasn't really noticeable during game play. The pad gave me a lot more control than regular tape. I was able to get more lift and better placement on my wrist shots. Receiving passes was also a vast improvement. The one thing that was really different was passing. I found the puck wouldn't roll off the tip of the blade as much and would rather stay on the blade where it was during a pass. It took some getting used, but over all it gave me much better accuracy as I got used to it. I am loving this attack pad and will continue to use it in the future.
From: Ed

Comments: Tried this on a very light composite stick (20K) on ice. Made the stick significantly heavier on the blade (the balance felt strange), which I really didn't like. Stick handling did feel a bit better though, and no snow/ice building up on the blade was nice. I guess if it was a bit lighter I might actually consider using this. If you're considering this I think it's worth trying, you might like it as it is.
From: Hans, Svg, Norway

Comments: Like most, I was somewhat skeptical about this product. But I took a chance and ordered enough for all of my sticks. I tried it last night and I was pretty impressed. It made a noticeable improvement in my puck handling, passing, and shooting. I will be using these from now on. Also, the grips that are made by the same company are just as good. I prefer the Kane grip, as it's not as "heavy" feeling as the other ones.
From: Derek, OK

Comments: Have just started using this product in roller hockey, but in the few games I've tried it, I really like it. I feel that it's an upgrade in the stick-handling/puck control department, from traditional hockey tape. The testing sample size is still very small, so I can't reliably comment on durability yet, but I'll update after I've had some more time with it.
From: Tim, IL

Comments:  i use this for the roller hockey ball league that i'm in and it works great, much better than taping the blade.  and it's durable too - no where near as flimsy as some people have described.  noticeable improvements on shot accuracy, pass reception and accuracy, and especially backhands.
From: Paul, MA

Comments: It took a little bit to get used to, but totally worth it. Great control stick handling and shooting. Will be using these from now on instead of tape.
From: Rob, AB, Canada

Comments: Sooooooooooo happy I tried this. The grip this provides has improved my wrister accuracy noticeably. The puck goes where I want it to more often. Also, helps hang on to pucks when reeving hard passes.
From: Tadas, Westmont, IL

Comments: Not much of a benefit on ice but opens up a whole new world in roller. Now backhand michigans and forehands are no problem. Great inline puck feel, definitely sticking with these tackimacs for a while.
From: Danglitis

Comments: I've tried blade tape before, and this was my first time using the different brand. I like this attack pad WAYYYY more than the other brand. Using this pad on my stick last night was the first time I used it, and I LOVED it! it worked so great, i felt fantastic with the puck on my stick. I would definately reccomend it to any younger roller player, or someone who'se just looking for a little advantage. It isn't going to be durable i see that, but then again, what actually lasts these days?
From: Nick IL

Comments:I just got one these and used them for the first time last week. It really felt good while stick handling. I had much better control of the puck, I felt.
From: Jeff

Comments:This thin & textured rubber blade accesssory really helps in softening & receiving passes. My defensive teammate also purchased one & claims that it aids him in coming away with the puck when under pressure along the boards. Criticisms are that it tears & gets damaged easily and therefore will need to be replaced on a regular basis...so plan on purchasing several, going with the thinner "sandpaper" type, or sticking with "good 'ol" tape.
From: Derek, Milpitas, Ca, USA

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