Tour Hockey Bearing Spacers
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Tour Hockey Bearing Spacers

Replacement Tour bearing spacers. Bearing spacers precisely aligns bearings, wheel and axle to improve glide speed and free spin. Available in 2 sizes, Micro 688 spacer is for micro 688 bearings with 8mm axles and Standard 608 for standard 608 bearings and 6mm axles.


Spacer Deminsions:

  • Micro 688 - Tour part #727 -  Long floating bearing spacer for micro 688 bearings and 8mm axles.  The sleeve measures 9/16" in length.
  • Standard 608 - Tour part #715 -  Sleeved bearing spacer for standard 608 bearings and 6mm axles.  The sleeve portion on the "long" sleeved bearing spacer measures 5/16" in length on each side of the thicker middle section.


Benefits of Aluminum bearing spacers:

  • Precisely Aligns Bearing, Wheel & Axle to Improve Glide Speed & Free Spin
  • Aluminum Dissipates Heat & Maintains Shape Better Than Plastic
  • Minimizes Noise By Isolating Hub & Bearings From Axle


Sold individually.

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Standard 608

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