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The Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Goalie Chest Protector is the lightest of its kind from Vaughn, offering an 18% weight reduction from the next lightest senior chest pad. This not only increases reaction speed, it helps reduce overall fatigue that occurs during the course of play.

The Velocity 2200 chest protector is designed with both the Hybrid and Butterfly styles in mind. By having large floaters combined with fantastic mobility and a lightweight construction, any goaltender will find it to be a perfect fit. The V6 2200 does not sacrifice protection for weight by having a mixture of carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcements to help cushion the impact from shots. The chest area of the 2200 has ultra-high density internal foam covering carbon fiber plates. This area is also reinforced with Kevlar material that is sewn in between the layers of foam. The V6 2200 has a large lower belly flap that is highly flexible, which is very useful when in the crouch position and allows the chest protector to remain aligned to the body providing better net coverage. Side chest pads extend into the upper rib cage and features HD foam padding that extends under the strapping buckles adding to the overall comfort. Tapered arms help seal the chest protector into the blocker and glove. Large ultra-high density reinforced arm floaters provide an excellent blocking surface and aid in puck deflection.

Adjustments can be made to this goalie chest protector by using the back padding strapping system, as well as arm width and four-point elbow adjustment system allowing a custom fit. The shoulder design features adjustable cross over support straps that attach to the rear shoulder blade area. This feature allows goalie to distribute the chest protector weight keeping the unit properly positioned to achieve maximum protection.

The Vaughn V6 2200 chest protector is an extremely lightweight, professional quality piece of gear. With an excellent design and the highest quality materials available, this chest protector is ideal for goaltenders looking to gain that extra edge by having quicker reflexes and better endurance.

  • Model Number: VP2200
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Advanced -> Professional
    • Ice: Advanced -> Professional
  • Vaughn Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Height
      • XS // 5' - 5'2"
      • SM // 5'3" - 5'5"
      • MD // 5'6" - 5'9"
      • LG // 5'10" - 6'
      • XL // 6'1" - 6'5"


*Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction
    • Pro Spec construction
    • Carbon enhanced performance throughout
    • V6 Velocity stitched on design
    • Extremely lightweight design and construction
      • 18% lighter than other chest pads
    • Various densities of foam
    • Large contoured neck opening
  • Shoulder:
    • Large shoulder floaters
      • Greater upper body coverage
    • Ultra-high density foam internals reinforced with plastic inserts
    • Air cushion shoulder pad
      • Reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Chest:
    • Multi sectioned chest protector with flex low panel at belly
    • Anatomical designed
      • Offers superior fit and balance
    • Large sternum plate
      • Carbon reinforced sternum protection
    • Ultra HD Foam protection blocks
    • Ballistic kevlar padding on inner lining of the chest pad
    • Adjustable rib cage extension padding
    • Flexible lower belly flap on the chest pad
    • Side rib cage protection
  • Arms:
    • Pro arm caps
      • Added protection
    • Ultra high density foam elbow guards with four point adjustment system
      • Completely customizable
    • Large hinged arm floaters
    • Molded bicep and forearm inserts encapsulated with foam padding
    • Tapered forearm padding for improved fit with gloves
  • Back:
    • Ultra-high density foam spine protector
      • Optimized for mobility and protection
  • Fit:
    • Four point adjustable elbow padding
    • Adjustable leather wrist strap
    • Two nylon back pad adjustment straps
    • Adjustable four point shoulder height system
  • Weight:
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