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The Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 Goalie Catcher is a brand new design for 2014 and features a combination of the great features found on the LT and Velocity series catchers. With its great design and high quality materials, the V6 catcher is an excellent choice for goaltenders playing up to the advanced levels of play.

The Velocity V6 1100 catcher has a one-piece cuff design that is designed to maximize net coverage and ensure rebounds from the cuff are more predictable. The catcher features the sleek Velocity V6 graphics that are present on the entire series. The V6 1100 has a deep double T-web pocket and wide profile that helps increase puck retention and eliminate pop outs.

The Vaughn Velocity 1100 is constructed with extremely high quality materials, including the durable synthetic leather used on all of the high wear and impact areas. Light breathable nylon materials are used to wick away moisture and provide protection to the back of the hand. The finger stalls are constructed using mesh materials that allow improved airflow and help keep your hands cooler during gameplay. The palm has a grip texture that helps keep the catcher controlled on the hand while also making it easier to close.

The fit on the Velocity goalie glove comes from three adjustable straps, one across the fingers, another across the back of you hand and finally one at the wrist. The Vaughn Velocity strapping system allows for greater control and limits glove twist when taking hard shots on the edges. The catcher is heat moldable to speed up the break-in, making it game ready immediately.

The Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 is an innovative catcher that combines great features with high quality material and craftsmanship, resulting in a catcher that performs at an advanced level for an affordable price.

  • Model Number: T1100
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Advanced -> Professional
    • Ice: Intermediate -> Advanced
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Senior: 7" - 8 3/8"
    • Measured from heel of palm to tip of middle finger
  • Hand Selection:
    • Regular = Catcher used on the left hand
    • Full Right = Catcher used on the right hand
  • Construction:
    • High grade synthetic leather
      • Durable material
    • Curved one piece cuff box
      • Improved puck deflection
    • 60 degree break angle
      • Index to thumb closure
    • Heat moldable to reduce break-in time
  • Pocket:
    • Open face design
      • Offers more predictable rebounds
    • Deep Double T-pocket
      • Deep pocket helps contain the puck
      • Nylon net cordage
  • Frontside Protection:
    • One-piece cuff design
      • Maximizes coverage
      • More predictable rebounds
    • No binding cuff
      • Added blocking area
    • Curved front cuff
      • Added puck deflection
    • Heat moldable to reduce break-in time
  • Backside Protection:
    • High-density foam fingertip protection
    • Segmented backhand flap
      • Can be fully opened to allow improved drying
    • Wide flared back cuff
      • Improved wrist flexibility and better chest protector fit
    • One-piece thumb design
  • Inside:
    • Divided finger stalls
      • Better grip
    • Fingertip grip rail
      • Faster glove closure
    • Internal palm has grip texture
      • Adds grip
      • Better durability
  • Fit:
    • Three Adjustable straps
      • Finger stall
      • Backhand
      • Wrist
  • Weight:
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