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The Vaughn 7800 Pro Goalie Throat Protector offers top of the line protection for the pros. The 7800 Pro throat guard is constructed from an injection molded Lexan® polycarbonate material with a raised edges for added rigidity and stiffness while improving puck deflections. The tough Lexan® material is also superior for shock resistance and provides maximum durability and visual clarity.

Vaughn's 7800 Pro throat protective shield is designed with a wide profile and flared lower edge allowing the guard to fit tight to the upper chest as well as gives a wider area of coverage to the neck. The Vaughn throat protector comes with three nylon strings and mask clips making that make attaching the throat guard quick and easy.

  • Model Number: VTG7800
  • Vaughn Mask Compatibility:
    • One size fits all
  • Construction:
    • Pro Injection molded
  • Materials:
    • LEXAN® Polycarbonate
      • Maximum durability, shock resistance and visual clarity
  • Fit:
    • Three string attachment
  • Weight:
    • 54 grams
  • Accessories:
    • Mask clips
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Comments: This throat protector has withstood a number of shots without any sign of breaking. Just last night at practice, I took a couple of strong slapshots directly to the side of the neck, and while I felt it,I recovered quickly and kept playing.So this product saved my life twice.
From: Razi, Rishon, ISR

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