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The Vaughn Velocity V6 800 Goalie Chest Protector is specifically designed for junior goaltenders and has similar design and construction to the adult chest protectors in the V6 line.

The Vaughn Velocity V6 800 goalie chest protector features molded plastic arm caps and foam inserts to increase protection while keeping the chest protector light enough for younger goaltenders to move around with ease. The chest protector has a pre-shaped construction, making it incredibly easy to break-in. The V6 800 chest protector features large shoulder floaters that provide increased protection and blocking surface area. The ergonomic positioning of the chest blocks allow the chest protector to flex and bend with the bodies natural movements. The reinforced sternum plate helps disperse impacts to the vital chest areas as well as provides additional abdomen coverage. The V6 800 features padded shoulder caps and secondary upper arm protective flaps for added protection. The V6 800 has adjustable arm and wrist straps, making it ideal for growing goaltenders looking to increase the chest protector's longevity.

  • Model Number: VP800
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play: (Junior)
    • Roller: Intermediate -> Advanced
    • Ice: Beginner -> Intermediate
  • Vaughn Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Height
      • SM/MD // 4' - 4'5"
      • MD/LG // 4'6" - 4'9"


*Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction
    • Durable Nylon and mesh construction
    • Vaughn logos embroidered
    • Lightweight design and construction
  • Shoulder:
    • Large shoulder floaters
    • Padded shoulder caps
  • Chest:
    • Anatomically positioned high density (HD) chest blocks
      • Allows the chest protection to bend and flex with the body
    • Large sternum chest plate
      • Increases protection against hard shots
    • Cushion padding on inner lining of the chest pad
    • Built in neck guard
    • Lower belly flex pad
      • Allows a deeper crouch
    • Soft wrap around side rib protection
  • Arms:
    • Fully molded poly reinforced forearm and bicep protection
    • Separate elbow pads
      • Customize fit
    • Full arm and width adjustment and wrist straps
  • Back:
    • Foam spine protector
      • Optimized for mobility and protection
  • Fit:
    • Adjustable elastic back straps
    • Adjustable belly height system
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Vaughn Hockey Goalie Chest and Arm Protectors Jr & Yth

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