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The Oakley 2.0 Visor is the second most protective visor that Oakley currently makes. The 2.0 is ventilated to help fight off fogging and keeps you cool throughout the game. The East Attachment System (E.A.S.) allows the lens to be tilted upward for a quick cleaning or to allow some much needed air for your face to flow through.

  • Model Number: VR832
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most certified hockey helmets.
  •  Construction:
    • Aviator Profile for improved air-flow to help reduce fog and keep the player cool
    • Interior anti-fog and exterior anti-scratch coatings for better visibility and durability
    • Shatter-proof polycarbonate material
    • East Attachment System (EAS): 2 ways to mount:
      1. Top clip with side straps allows visor to be push up for increased ventilation between shifts & for quick removal for easy cleaning
      2. Top clip with side screws for traditional mounting
  • Protection:
    • Visor height - 4" (at widest point)
    • CSA, HECC, and CE approved
  • Vision:
    • Aviator style lense with optical correctness
    • Optical Correctness:
      • Vertical and horizontal curvatures combined with taper minimize optical distortions beyond the full range of human vision
      • The optimized combination of the curvature and taper ensures the correctness of the image projected on the retina allowing the player to stickhandle, pass and shoot with precision
      • Patented technology
      Distortion free fit with the helmet ensures that the optical performance is maintained
  • Mounting hardware and spacers included


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Comments:Tried this visor for the first time today, when i put it on i was shocked because the way the lense curves makes it seem like you're looking through a magnifying glass, which initially put me off, but once i got on the ice, man oh man was it different! It just took a little to get used to because i was expecting something else but once i was on the ice it was like clear vision, amazing! It's so much better than a cage and it hardly steamed up on me (without any anti-fog), good ventilation and an amazing design, felt protected and it's so light it makes a huge difference from wearing a cage, highly recommend this!
From: Charger

Comments:Such a great overall visor, you forget that you're wearing it. The visor is about 4 inches long, so it provides good coverage while not covering the whole face. Vision through it is great, and it's never fogged on me. Plus the scratch coating actually works - I've reffed using this visor on a Bauer 5000 helmet for at least a year, been hit multiple times, and there's still not a scratch. It's great being able to flip it up without taking off the helmet. The only downside I have with it is that it is hard to remove the visor from it's mount, but I've never had a reason to remove it (at all cost, it's easy to unscrew from the helmet). Great visor for the price, and comes with all the screws, mounts, and straps you could possibly need; however, it's a good idea to get the Oakley AFR solution to clean it.
From: Brian, Dallas, Texas

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Oakley Hockey Helmet Shields

  • The Oakley VR910 Aviator Hockey Helmet Visor offers the most facial coverage from Oakley. The VR910 features a unique mounting design that allows the visor to flip up in between shifts for better and faster cooling. Oakley also provides a seven-color, custom sticker pack that gives players the option to match their visor's stickers to their team colors. 

    Available only with a Clear lens. 


  • The Oakley Pro Straight Visor has a classic and traditional straight cut that's been very popular for a long time. These VR903 Oakley Visors now come with a custom sticker pack that has seven different color options, giving players the choice to add a personal touch to their shield. 

    Available only with a Clear lens. 

    Colors: 0
  • The Oakley VR924 Pro Straight (with vents) Helmet Visor has a classic straight cut with additional vents at the top that help increase airflow across the lens. This is a great choice for players who have fogging issues or for those who want more ventilation. 

    Available only with a Clear lens. 

    Colors: 1
  • The Oakley Pro Aviator visor is similar to the Pro Modified Aviator in shape but offers more facial protection and a more aggressive cut.  The Pro Aviator visor has the popular aviator shape giving you good airflow and protection.  These VR900 Oakley Visors now come with a custom sticker pack that has seven different color options, giving players the choice to add a personal touch to their shield. 

    Available only with a Clear lens. 

    Colors: 1
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