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The Oakley VR910 Aviator Hockey Helmet Visor offers the most facial coverage from Oakley. The VR910 features a unique mounting design that allows the visor to flip up in between shifts for better and faster cooling. Oakley also provides a seven-color, custom sticker pack that gives players the option to match their visor's stickers to their team colors. The VR910 visor utilizes anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for long lasting optical clarity.

  • Model Number: VR910
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most certified hockey helmets.
  •  Construction:
    • Shatter-proof polycarbonate material that provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for the eyes
    • Coated with AFR™, a specially formulated coating that provides anti-fog and scratch resistant properties.
    • Quick Release mounting system so you can clean and make any adjustments in a snap
      • Secures to the helmet through side straps and top mounts
      • Mounting design allows shield to pivot upwards(flip up) or just unsnap to remove completely
  • Protection:
    • Visor height - 4.5" (at the tallest point including vents)
    • CSA, HECC, and CE approved
  • Vision:
    • Aviator cut lens with added top vents that direct airlfow down the lens
    • Provides distortion-free optics through the entire range of vision.
    • One of the few visor shields that meets and exceeds the demanding ANSI Z87.1 standard for optical clarity
      • Provides distortion-free optics through the entire range of vision
  • Mounting hardware and spacers included
    • Also includes a custom sticker pack with seven different color choices for personalization
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Comments: Had a smaller visor and took a whack to my cheek so I decided to go bigger. This is big - protects almost my entire face but is so crystal clear and distortion free you forget it's on. No fog but occasional condensation on the very bottom by my nose. No biggie
From: Mike, Buffalo, NY 

Comments:  I purchased this visor which was a combo item (with metal mouth peice) in about 2009 and it was so great and durable. Now is 2013, I am still using it. The visor is very clear and durable. I do not have much to complain other than the curved sides compress the helmet to my temple and making me felt pain and tight. I do not know what type of helmet fits this visor the best since all helmets are straight on the sides, not curved. For people who have smaller face, this visor will fits you perfectly. For people like me...big head.....may need to adjust your helmet a little bit.
From:  Jen-Yen, VA

Comments: I switched to this visor after first using the pro aviator from Oakley and am glad I made the switch.  It may not seem like it from the website, but this visor seems significantly larger than the pro.  The ability to lift the visor up for cleaning and/or getting a drink is nice too.  All in all, it's well worth it.
From: Raphael, Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I purchased this facial gard with cage combo in 2008 and installed it to my Reebok 8K helmet. The overall design of the lense and the case are just so great. I love this lense with cage combo a lot. The down side is that Okely does not make their own lense has curve and it dose not flattly touching the helmet. It actually kind of clamp the helmet inward a little bit due to the full curve design. Other than the curve that does not fit to Reebok 8K helmet problem, I have nothing negative can say about it. Get one and you will know why I like Okely.
From: Everest

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