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The Warrior Dynasty AX2 Compression Skate Socks are a great choice for the player looking to gain the most performance out of a skate sock. Warrior used compression materials in the forefoot as well as the back of the lower leg to help assist blood flow, increasing stamina. Warrior then included their War-Tech Technology to whick away moisture and to keep a player's foot odor free. The Lace Bite Protection is composed of padded strips on the top of the foot to help prevent painful lace bite from happening. 

  • Fit Guidelines
    • Height: Over-calf
    • Thickness: Thin
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Sock Size / US Shoe Size
    • SM / 4 - 7
    • MD / 6 - 8
    • LG / 9 - 11


  • Fabric
    • 60% Nylon
    • 29% Copper CuTEC™
    • 11% Rubber
  • Details
    • WAR-Tech™
      • Construction process that helps wick away moisture and to inhibit unwanted odor
    • Compression Support in the forefoot and backside of the leg/ankle
      • Promotes blood flow and increased stamina
    • Vented Shin Area
      • Helps to maintain consistent air flow during the game
    • Lace Bite Prevention
      • Padded strips to eliminate lace bite
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Warrior Hockey Skate Socks

  • The Warrior Cut-Resistant Pro Hockey Skate Socks has amazing flexibility and comfort, all while providing one of the most protective fits on the market with a cut level-4 out of 5 on the ANSI scale. Warrior uses a proprietary fabric called X13 Stretch™ that flexes and stretches for amazing comfort. Additionally, the Warrior cut-resistant sock features ultra soft micro-terry cushioned pads around the ankles for ideal comfort and stabilization on the rink.

  • The Warrior Compression Pro Hockey Skate Socks use a tight compression fit to improve circulation, which in turn helps to fight fatigue. This comfortable fit is designed for use both before and after games and practices, to help with performance and recovery. Warrior also features pads running along the ankles to improve stability and fit inside the skates.

  • The Warrior Pro Hockey Skate Socks is a high performing skate sock that uses its thin fit to give players a cool and lightweight fit on the rink. Warrior placed additional padding around the ankles to help provide stability and a better fit in the skates. These performance skate socks are designed for repeated washing cycles for a long-life. 

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