Custom Warrior Hockey Gloves Sr & Jr
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Custom Warrior Hockey Gloves Sr & Jr

Shipping Note:

  • There is no guaranteed delivery date for Warrior custom products. Production time is provided by the manufacturer for reference only.
  • Standard production is roughly 18 weeks and packing/shipping takes about 4-8 additional business days. View the delivery schedule on the customizer for more detailed information. 
  • This will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Tracking is not provided by Warrior.
  • Ground Shipping is included in the price and is only available in the contiguous US
  • This purchase amount doesn't count toward your dollar amount to earn free shipping on other items.
  • There are no returns, exchanges, modifications, or cancellations once your order has been sent to Warrior. 



  • Dynasty AX1 - $197.47 Sr
  • Dynasty AX2 - $117.47 Jr, $137.47 Sr 
  • Covert QR1 -   $147.47 Jr, $207.47 Sr
  • Covert QR Pro - $127.47 Jr, $147.47 Sr
  • Covert QR3 - $97.47 Jr, $117.47 Sr


Extra Fees:

  • Player Number - $4.50
  • Micronash Palms - $4.50
  • Micronash Gussets - $9.00
  • Custom logo redraw - $75.00
  • Custom logo embroidery - $9.00


Build a pair of  Custom Warrior Gloves online! You can select the colors, palms, and even put your name, and number on the gloves. Great for teams, or for building a unique and stylin' personalized glove.

To get started building your custom Warrior gloves just click on the "Custom Builder" banner below.





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Comments: Purchased a pair of custom franchises and have had zero regrets with parting with the cash. These are a pricey pair of mitts but they are extremely well made, extremely comfortable, and have that classic volume fit, 4 roll feel to them. Used to wear bauer 4 rolls in a 13" and the warrior 13" wide feels quite a bit larger, however I did adjust as I wore my bauers a little tight. The wrist mobility is great and barring a baseball swing at your hands the protection is more than enough. Dealing with Warrior was extremely easy and the delivery was as promised.
From: Dave

Comments: Customer service was great, finally placed a custom order through IW over the holiday, was contacted by Joe at Warrior and told to expect an 8 week delay for the holiday backup. To my surprise I received them after only about 6 weeks, and Joe hooked it up big time with a few style choices that you can't find on the customizer. The gloves themselves are great (obviously) and are basically whatever you make them to be. I opted for my favorite colors, number, pro-pack, etc so of course they look great and feel great to me. The fit is about what you expect a 4-roll to be, and the quality of the materials and overall product are awesome. You can't go wrong with gloves you design yourself right?
From:  James, MD

Hockey Glove Finder

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm, double this number or multiply by 2 and that will give you the correct size. Below is a general sizing guideline for additional information.
Glove SizeAgePlayer WeightPlayer Height
8" 4 - 7 40 - 60 lbs. 3'3" - 4'1"
9" 6 - 9 50 - 70 lbs. 3'9" - 4'7"
10" 8 - 11 60 - 90 lbs. 4'3" - 4'8"
11" 9 - 12 70 - 100 lbs. 4'5" - 5'
12" 11 - 14 80 - 110 lbs. 4'11" - 5'4"
13" 14+ 120 - 160 lbs. 5'5" - 5'9"
14" 14+ 140 - 180 lbs. 5'7" - 5'11"
15" 15+ 160 - 200 lbs. 5'9" - 6'1"
Glove Fit Type
If you want to look at all brands then leave "Any Brand" selected. If you know which brand you wish to look at, select the given brand and only that brand's gloves will be shown.
Choose the desired dominant glove color that you wish. Variations with the chosen dominant color will be included. (i.e. choosing Black will include Black combinations such as Black/White, White/Black or Black/Silver)
Outer Material:
Outer Material
Choose the desired dominant outer glove material. Nylon is a traditional material that provides good durability and breathability. Synthetic leather has a glossy look that is also water repellent, durable and lightweight.
Price Range:
Price Range
Adjust the slider to set up your exact price range.
Custom Warrior Glove Builder

Warrior Covert Hockey Gloves Sr
Tapered Fit

  • The Warrior Covert QRL Hockey Gloves are the top of the line Covert gloves and provide some of the best mobility and protection money can buy. The exterior uses a deadly combination of synthetic leather and nylon mesh for durability in the high wear areas, and breathable flexibility where its needed in the backhand. 

    Colors: 3
  • The Warrior Covert QRL Pro Hockey Gloves gives players amazing mobility and protection. The QRL Pro features the AxyFlex cuff, which attaches to the rest of the glove by a flexible mesh. With this design, players can easily maneuver their wrists and keep the protection in place to ensure the most mobile fit possible.

    Colors: 4
  • The Warrior Covert QRL3 Hockey Gloves provide a high level of protection and technology without a high price tag. The outside of the glove uses a durable nylon mesh construction along the backhand and fingers that gives great ventilation for a cooler fit inside the glove. The QRL3 is also the earliest glove in the Covert line to use Phantom foam protection. 

    Colors: 11
  • The Warrior Covert QRL4 Hockey Gloves has a good balance of flexibility and protection for the price point. For protection, the QRL4 utilizes premium medium density foam pods in the fingers and backhand, with added plastic inserts in the backhand for greater impact protection. 

    Colors: 7
  • The Warrior Covert QRL5 Hockey Gloves are solid entry level gloves for the recreational level of play. Using medium density foam pods in the fingers, backhand, and cuff, the QRL5 gloves are nice and lightweight for flexible movements. In the palm, Warrior uses felt for stick feel and a lightweight fit.

    Colors: 1
  • Build a pair of  Custom Warrior Gloves online!  You can select the colors, palms, and even put your name, and number on the gloves. Great for teams, or for building a unique and stylin' personalized glove.

    Choose from 5 models - Dynasty AX1 / Dynasty AX2 / Covert QR1 / Covert QR Pro / Covert QR3


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