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Looking for a unique, personalized blocker?  Using Warrior's Goalie Customizer you can select the amount of protection, the curve of the board, the outer colors and materials, and even put your name and number on the blocker. You can build an NHL quality blocker with your own unique twist.

To get started building your custom Warrior Ritual blocker just click on the Customizer Builder banner below. Once at the builder, just select the product you would like to customize and then proceed through the builder by clicking on the "Next" arrow in the lower right corner.  Once you have completed building your blocker and agreed to the terms, click on the Order button. A confirmation email will be sent to you, and IW will contact you for payment information.

Standard production time is 6-8 weeks.  Depending on order volume, lead time may decrease.  To ensure efficiency, Warrior and IW process orders daily(M-F).  Production begins after the order has been confirmed and paid for.  Once built, your blocker will be shipped ground directly to you from the manufacturer.  Only available for shipments in the contiguous U.S.

There are no discounts, returns, or exchanges on custom Warrior product.

This item will receive free ground shipping.  This purchase amount doesn't count toward your dollar amount to earn free shipping on other items.

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Custom Warrior Goalie Gear Builder
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