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The Warrior Projekt hockey shoulder pads are the premier hockey shoulder pads from Warrior. The Projekt shoulder pads offer pro-level fit and protection in a game-changing lightweight design.

Warrior has brought out all of their top end materials and features for the Projekt shoulder pads. Warrior has used their Trilam foams in the shoulder cap for excellent protection. This is the same high-end foam developed for the franchise gloves. Warrior has also used their Bone System from the Eraser Pro glove in the sternum and spine guard. This is a 4 layer protection system that will stop any impact.

Warrior Projekt series features Zote foam. This is an extremely light, and flexible foam that offers excellent energy absorption. The use of this material keeps the shoulder pads light and extremely comfortable.

The Projekt features the two-timer strapping system. These straps have velcro strips on both ends, so you can secure the front then re-adjust the back to lock in an ideal fit. This particular version of the two-timer strap is separated into a lower and upper strap this allows for a more exact fit. 

The Projekt shoulder pads also feature the premier liner from Warrior the Ventilator for a great drier fit. Warrior has also introduced the Back Draft ventilation system which basically a mesh vest that the protection panels are secured too. This helps increase air circulation and gives the pad a comfortable 'broken in' feel.

Warrior has done a great job at offering a high-level of protection in the Projekt shoulder pad while keep the pad very light and not a bulky feeling.

  • Protector:
    • Trilam shoulder cap construction for optimal impact dispersion
    • Molded HD rib protection
    • 2-piece independent chest plates for coverage and mobility
    • Zote foam protection in chest and back
    • Independent floating plexus and spine protector with bone system impact protection
      • Bone System - A four layer protection system developed in the Warrior Eraser Pro glove for unmatched energy absorption 
    • Segmented angular HD foam collar 
  • Liner:
    • Ventilator™ antimicrobial moisture-wicking liner
    • Backdraft vest - Mesh vest at core of pad that has protection panels attaching too helps increase air circulation and offers a great comfortable feel
  • Fit:
    • Adjustable two-piece bicep protection
    • 2-piece 2-Timer strap provides unparalleled adjustability
    • Removable mid-body and lower back pad flaps
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level of play

  • Warrior sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height / Chest circumference
    Small / 5'5"-5'9" / 36"-40"
    Medium / 5'7"-5'11" / 38"-42"
    Large / 5'9"-6'1" / 40"-44"
    XL / 5'11"-6'3" / 42"+
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Comments: Picked these up because I was tired of taking sticks/pucks into my chest and ribs during games. Didn't really need all the shoulder/bicep padding so I modified slightly and just go with the chest and shoulder caps now. They are very lightweight now, very mobile, and the "rib-wrap" style padding is the best feature. Now when I am down low along the boards or in front of the net those butt ends, elbows, and pucks don't leave me bruised at work the next day. Great deal for the sale price.
From: Jamie, MD

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