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The Warrior Ritual Goalie Chest Protector provides lightweight advanced level protection, perfect for junior roller or ice hockey goaltenders. Warrior combines various lightweight foams reinforced with plastic inserts enhancing the chest protectors overall protection.

The Ritual goalie chest protector is constructed from nylon and air mesh materials for better ventilation as well as faster drying times. Ensuring proper upper body protection, Warrior's large shoulder floater design is segmented allowing improved mobility without sacrificing protection. A unique adjustment option allows the goaltender to adjust how tightly the shoulder floaters fit. Warrior's floating sternum plate is constructed from various foams for improved shot dampening and the overlapping design helps disperse shot impacts. The segmented chest block design bends and flexes with the goaltender for improved mobility and features a wrap around design for improved side rib and lower back protection. Arms on the Warrior Ritual feature molded plastic inserts for increased bicep and forearm protection as well as molded elbow caps to help disperse energy. The Warrior Ritual chest protector features a variety of adjustment options including arm length, bicep, elbow and forearm strapping, and an adjustable chest height feature ensuring goaltenders get the desired fit.

  • Model Number: GCAJR3
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Advanced
  • Warrior Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Height // Arm Length // Belly Length
    • SM/MD // 4'3" - 4'8" // 43" - 45" // 13"
    • LG/XL // 4'6" - 5'1" // 45" - 47" // 14"


*Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction
    • Durable nylon and air mesh construction
    • Various foams reinforced with plastic inserts
  • Shoulder:
    • Segmented shoulder floaters
      • Provides increased range of motion
      • Contoured design provides protection without restriction
    • Contoured shoulder caps
  • Chest:
    • Anatomically designed chest blocks
      • Hole punched chest block design reduces overall weight
    • Large sternum floater
    • Wrap around rib and lower back protection
  • Arms:
    • Fully adjustable arm sleeves
      • Adjustable length ensures the perfect fit
    • Two-Piece hinged arm floaters
    • Fully molded elbow caps
    • Adjustable elastic arm strapping
    • Velcro wrist strap
  • Back:
    • Segmented back protection
    • Should height adjustment system
  • Weight:
    • 4.10lbs (Based on a Intermediate Small / Medium)
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Warrior Hockey Goalie Chest and Arm Protectors Jr & Yth

  • The Warrior Ritual G2 Goalie Chest Protector is specifically designed for young goaltenders, providing advanced level comfort and protection for use up to the advanced level of youth competition. Warrior combines various lightweight foams that are reinforced with plastic inserts to provides solid shot impact and comfort without hindering the goaltender's performance.

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