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The Warrior Swagger Chest and Arm protector is Warrior's premier chest protector for 2012. The Swagger offers goalies lightweight protection and specs, perfect for goalies playing up to the elite level.

The Swagger chest protector is constructed with high quality materials throughout ensuring durability, comfort and protection. Heavy duty nylon is used in the high impact areas and the inner V-Tek™ liner wicks moisture keeping you comfortable. Various densities of foam are used in the construction of the Swagger and the poly inserts have been strategically positioned throughout ensuring excellent flexibility and mobility.

Protecting your torso are the anatomical chest blocks, designed to bend and move with your body increasing flexibility. Floating mid-body/belly pad moves with the body and gives goalies really nice protection without any gaps. Two large chest floaters as well as large sternum pad offer excellent shot dampening and protection for your upper chest area. Arm and shoulder protection comes from the two large shoulder caps, fitted with foam and molded poly inserts for dispersing impact energy. Secondary shoulder flaps cover just below the main shoulder caps offer additional protection for your upper arm. Molded bicep, forearm and elbow polyurethane guards help protect the arm and the hinged arm offers great mobility and large blocking surface. The back pad has a sectional design that helps with flexibility, and an additional floating spine protective pad gives the goalie added protection.

The Warrior Swagger chest and arm offers many adjustable features including the fully adjustable shoulder flaps, allowing the goalie to achieve proper positioning, sizing, and coverage. Another nice feature on the Warrior Swagger chest and arm is the exclusive adjustable belly height system for an enhanced customizable fit. This will allow you to adjust the height of the chest protector ensuring full protection around your abdomen. Customizing the arm fit is achieved with the 4 adjustable elastic straps down the arm as well as the leather wrist strap. Securing the chest protector around your mid section comes from the two 1.5" elastic straps and plastic buckles.

Warrior's design and innovative new features make them a strong contender in the goalie protective market. The Swagger chest and arm offers very nice protection for the price point and should be considered when buying elite level protection.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: GCASWAJ
  • Heritage: Swagger
  • Level of Player: (Senior)
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Advanced
  • Warrior Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size / Belly Length / Arm Span / Body Height / Body Arm Span
      • SM - MD: 14" / 46" / 4'2" - 4'4" / 50" - 52"
      • LG - XL: 15" / 48" / 4'5" - 4'7" / 53" - 55"
  • Construction
    • Heavy Duty nylon material
    • V-Tek™ liner wicks moisture
      • Helps keep you dryer during the game
    • Mesh liner
      • Lightweight
      • Improved breathability
    • Leather and elastic straps throughout
    • Various densities of foam
      • Added comfort and protection
    • Molded poly inserts
      • Disperses impact over larger area
  • Shoulder:
    • Fully adjustable shoulder floaters
      • Proper positioning
      • Sizing
      • Coverage adjustment
    • Dual shoulder caps with molded poly insert and foams for shot dampening
    • Secondary should flap
      • Additional protection underneath shoulder caps
  • Chest:
    • Anatomically designed chest blocks
    • Sternum floater guard
    • Extended soft low density foam rib protection
    • Floating abdomen protection
      • Allows greater flexibility and mobility
  • Arms:
    • Stitched directly to the main portion of the chest portion 
    • Two-Piece hinged arm floaters
    • Fully molded arm and elbow caps
      • Offers additional protection
    • Four adjustable elastic straps
      • Above elbow
      • Below elbow
      • Forearm
      • Wrist
    • Leather velcro strap around the wrist 
  • Back:
    • Segmented back padding construction
      • Provides improved fit, mobility, and protection
    • Floating spine protection
    • Exclusive adjustable belly height
      • Enhanced customizable fit
  • Weight:
    • 3.5lbs (Based on a Junior Extra Large)
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