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Comments: I was in the market for an intermediate to advance level skate. I was set on Bauer XR4s but could not find any in my size. Seeing as I couldn't find a similar skate from that brand in my price range, I broadened my search and began looking around and stumbled onto Alkali. I found these CA5s at a great price. I began looking at the features and they were very comparable to the XR4s. I read some reviews and decided to give them a shot. I'm so glad I did. I am completely happy with these skates. They're fast, sturdy, and comfortable. From all the skates that I looked at, these offered the best features in the price range (e.g. Tongue thickness, bearings, wheels, boot construction).

The only "problem" is the wheels are soft indoor wheels and I play outdoors on smooth concrete so I had to buy a set of outdoor wheels. Other than that, I can't complain and I would definitely recommend these to everyone...except for people I play against. Lol.
From: Humberto, Temecula, CA

Comments: Going from a Hi-Lo setup to all 80's was kind of a weird transition but after one practice day it felt normal. I personally like the all 80 setup now. The skates are great out of the box. I didn't bake them, I'll just break them in naturally. They are really comfortable. 5/5
From: John, Covina, CA

Comments: After having to return my new CA5's because they were too small, the replacement size 9.0's showed up yesterday. I wear a 9.5 street shoe. According to the sizing chart I should wear an 8.0 size big toe crammed up against the 8.0 skate toe. I guess Alkali skates don't really follow the sizing chart...just be aware they run small. The 9.0s fit perfectly. Thanks IW for your free skate return policy!!! I baked the skates and wore them for about 30 minutes. The boot wasn't soft enough after the initial 9 I baked them a second time for an additional 4 minutes using the same process. That did the trick! JUST BE CAREFUL! Check the boots during the process. The temp inside my oven may not be calibrated perfectly. After fitting them, they felt I can't wait to skate in them!
From: Scott, Prunedale, CA

Comments: Finally, a skater friendly skate. I followed Alkali's baking instructions on youtube and I'm impressed. Heel and ankle lock I found superb. Gone are other skates, "Bump" or "Bloody Ankle" I was supposed to, "Get used to." The quality built chassis and angled boot made my feet more responsive, and faster. Boot is top shelf quality. I'm a believer. Buy them. Period.
From: The Jackal, Pacifica, CA

Comments: I bought these because they seemed like a great price for all the features and they look sick. I was not disappointed. They really do look and feel awesome. There's a lot of protection and they are pretty comfortable after they are broken in. I love the stance and wheel set-up, I feel that they have helped improve my speed a lot. I actually was riding on these to work every day during summer (on separate outdoor wheels) and they have held up very well. I just finished my first season of using them in games and the wheels they came with are still in decent shape too. I highly recommend these skates and I'm definitely going to stick with the Alkali brand. You get so much more for the price than with the Tours and Missions I've had in the past.
From: Jeff, Sacramento, CA

Comments: great skates very light broke in during first play I'm a bigger player and the skates are the best the stock wheels could use a upgrade but other than that a+++++++
From: Dustin

Comments: These skates are awesome. Got the Mission A5's a few months before...needless to say I had to buy these and they are worth the money. Super comfortable and fast. Did take some time to get used to the 80mm wheel set up and I think acceleration is a little slower than the hi-lo but i would say top speed is better. Overall quality skate and well made.
From: Brad

Comments: Comments:Awesome skate. Broke in quickly after baking for the nine minutes. Boot forms well to the foot and I love the heel angle for aggressive skating. The one thing I would change about this skate is the wheels. I used the Labedas it came with for about four games and they were nearly toast on the second one. I weigh about 220lbs so it was bound to happen with such a soft wheel. Other than the wheels the skate is amazing. I would definitely buy another pair if these wore out. I give them a solid 9 out of 10; 10 out of 10 if I didnt have to replace the wheels.
From:  Tim, WA

Comments: Wow, these skates are incredible. Great looking, super fast, best skates i've owned. It took a while for me to break them in, but I went from a pair of skates i'd had for 10 years to these babies. I play on an indoor "court" that has a concrete floor which rips up the labedas it comes with a little too fast for me as i weigh 190lbs, so I switched to labeda 76MM 80A and they are perfect.
From: Rob, Eureka, CA

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