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Comments: I couldn't wait for my team skates when they arrived, and I couldn't have been happier when I took them out of the box. They felt very comfortable out of the box and very stiff. I was very surprised when I went on the rink with these because there was no adjustment to the skates, the heel lock was great and the skates were very responsive. Probably the best skate I've ever bought. Great job alkali.
From: Daniel, NY

Comments: Took a chance on the Team skate. The sizing chart is dead on. I wear a U.S. 10 and ordered the 8.5s. My toes are the closest to the boot front as they can get without touching. Any smaller and my toes would be pressing against it. As far as the forward pitch, there is an 1/8" more than my Mission Lieutenants but with the 80mm wheel configuration I felt like I was skating on my heels! Didn't like them in the beginning and it took a whole season of play to make the transition, but when it started coming together in the next season, it put to rest any thoughts of returning to my Mission skates. With that said, the boot is tight and allows for a very responsive feel with the skating surface. Agree about the heel lock! The Team boot is more narrow in the heel compared to other skates which promotes the tighter fit. Add a set of wax laces and your foot is NOT going to move.The 80mm line of wheels is a huge difference maker for power in push-off and generating aggressive speed during crossover. Switched the wheels out for Labeda Addictions which allow a better grip but don,t seem to slow me down. Probably due to the 80mm larger wheel configuration. Have used these wheels before and I like the durability. Stopping even seems to be more balanced with the wheel configuration controlling your center of gravity and eliminating the sudden forward lean when you don't want it! Great skate! Alkali!
From: Greg, Stuart, FL

Comments: I was in need for new skates I have a pair of mission assassin se's that are almost literally held together by tape, I have owned several pairs of missions,and a pair of bauer vapor xr5's, and I was very faithful and content with the hi-lo setup, then one day I went skating with a friend and I didn't have my skates so I borrowed his alkali comps. I had to adjust a little for the flat chassis, but man I was faster more agile, and so much of a better skater overall than I ever was on my missions or bauers. So as soon as I got home that night I ordered a pair of alkali rpd teams (little more money for a lot more performance) they got here and the first thing I did was bake them,I am 195ibs so I'm way too heavy for the millenniums, so I put the flat chassis equivalent from my previous missions on these skates (labeda gripper soft in middle two wheels, x-soft on outer 2 wheels with bones Swiss ceramic bearing all around) and my first words when I hit my local rink were "d*mn these things are the best skates I've ever owned!!!", I have officially become an alkali fan, they are so much faster and more agile than any of my missions ever were, recommend to any and everyone who wants pair of amazing skates
From: Joel, TX

Comments: Was in the market for new skates, and the pro shop at our rink carries the Alkali RPD line. Had the chance to try these and the Comps on and give them each a decent skate right out of the box. Both feel great, but I went with the Teams. The clincher for me was the heel lock padding and the liner in this skate. If you have a bauer "vapor" foot, like I do, these are going to feel significantly more secure when you lace them up. The padding is significantly better in these vs the Comps. I have a set of narrow D feet and real skinny ankles (im 5'10 165lbs, by the way).

Once they were baked - they felt amazing. The boot molds like butter. I cranked them down tight, and there was absolutely no pinching anywhere with the tongue.

My only initial concern was the stiffness of the boot. I'm not a real big guy, and didn't want too stiff a boot. Even though the Team boot is noticeably stiffer than the Comp, it isn't too stiff for someone in my weight range. It feels just right.....I would imagine it would feel good for you bigger guys too.

The pitch is definitely more aggressive than my bauers (x3 boot). I have briefly skated in them, and they feel smooth. Can't wait to log some hours in these things.

I'm glad I went with the Team skate.....for another 100 bucks, they are definitely worth it if you are looking for a skate that creeps into the 'advanced' category.
From: dkf4199, Las Vegas, NV

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