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Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Sticks Sr

Comments: Good but not great stick. I switched from the Total One, and though I felt my wrist shot was better with this stick, it wasn't enough for me not to switch back.

It also did not last as long as my Total One stick. I was almost relieved when it broke as then I was done with the stick.

From: Don, San Diego, CA

Comments: IW, your customer service is perfect. You deliver next day for "ground shipping" whereas
hockeygiant & hockeymonkey take 7 full business days to come from their warehouses
in Corona or Carlsbad. Ridiculous. Now that that's outta the way...

I'm so disappointed in this stick. But it's just my taste. I used a 75 flex TotalOne prior
which lasted me from its release years ago til now amazingly somehow. Which is crazy
because I typically go thru sticks every 8 weeks or so. My TO was a cannon on roids.
My wrister was almost invisible from the power of it. But my shiny new 77 flex APX2?
practically useless... For me at least. I had heard from friends that the APX2 was the
perfect twig and I should switch but that turned around to bite me. The Intelli-sense flex
points that Bauer markets is such BS; I thought it would be the best of both worlds since
it changes flex points, but in retrospect, I have no idea why I believed in that marketing
hype. There's only one kick point. It's not a smart-stick that can decide what flex to use
and when to use it. Yeah it is excellent for getting the puck up fast and no-windup one
timers aren't bad either, but there's just zero power. I'm not bashing Bauer's products,
because I think the TotalOne is the best stick ever, I'm just bashing their marketing
because of how misleading it is. If you're on the fence about the APX2 or NXG, stick to
the heritage you used before. Or else you're wasting 260 bucks. Hope this helps
someone make the right choice.
From: Aaron, Los Angeles, CA

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