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Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmets

Comments: This helmet is awesome, cheap and amazing style while still protecting the old melon, only downside is that its not the best vented with someone with long flow like myself but it looks amazing with a visor, or CCM 580 cage on it. 18U AA player.
From: Ryan, Clovis, CA

Comments: Excellent helmet. I use this for men's Roller Derby, and it definitely stands up to the test.

Comfort is fine - one thing about these compared to normal derby helmets is that it really does not move at all (I see this as a safety feature) - it slides straight down on your head to one position, and then really cannot be adjusted from there. The downside to that is getting an itch on your head can be difficult to deal with, but if you wiggle it a bit it tends to take care of that. I wear this with a bandanna underneath (just for sweat), and it does sometimes take two or three tries putting it on to get it to settle right, but that's a bandanna issue more than a helmet issue.

The reason I bought this over others is for the removable ear-covers. My hearing isn't great, so taking the ear-covers off helped a lot with hearing my teammates and refs. I've never really taken any impact to the ear-region even before this helmet, so the protection there has been a non-issue for me.
From: Christ, Dallas, TX

Comments: I had first gotten a CCM V08 but that had become unbearably uncomfortable so I bought the 4500 at the pro shop at my ice rink and I couldn't be happier. At times it gets a little uncomfortable, but to fix that all you have to do is take the helmet off and put it back on. Oh, this helmet also has unreal sty and looks great with a ccm 480/580, bauer rbe iii, and a bauer fishbowl. This helmet also isn't as bad as everyone says. the thick white foam protects you from when you are being pushed around in every day hockey play, the black foam under that protects from harder hits, and then the red foam on your temples and the top of your head protect from the hardest hits. There is a reason that almost every college hockey team in the nation uses this helmet, and then most of the American Junior Hockey Teams. This is a must buy if youre in the market for a new helmet because it goes great with every cage, is extremely comfortable, and also protects very well. It also is under $100. Great Purchase.
From: SnipeShow, WA

Comments: ok so this is my first hockey helmet. I am using it for Roller Derby and it is so much better than the skateboard helmets I have used in the past. I actually fits my head without a bandana or 3, breathes well, and I am no longer afraid of getting kicked in the head by a roller skate! I can't wait to see how it performs in a bout! The foam is a little hard when ya first put the bucket on, but quickly forms to your head. The color is true to the description, the fit is true to its size, it is light weight and the price is right. This helmet is a great option for the hard core derby girl or other athletes' in hard hitting contact sports.
From: twisted skipper #313, Marquette, MI

Comments: Great helmet, comfortable, and looks really great.  Ive had mine for about 2 years now and couldn't be happier with the protection and comfort
From: Kelso, CA

Comments: Great helmet..Makes kids with no sick flow have flow. Also I broke in 3 concussions with this helmet...Why do I keep using it? Well Ill tell you why...Its all about looking like a true beaut on the ice
From: Anonymous, NJ

Comments: Still the best! Fits true and looks nice. Does it's job = protection. Great product!
From: Peter, PA

Comments: Bought the 4500 in black size medium.  I wear a 7 1/8" fitted hat and it is pretty tight fitting.  Got a CCM 580 cage size medium which fits pretty well except if you want to use J-hooks to secure the cage even more.  Classic look, should last me for a long time.
From: Grant, CA

Comments: This helmet is great. Manny NHL players use them and they have been a classic for
a long time. The thing i love about this helmet is that it can be used for a beginner
recreational player all the way to pro! Overall great helmet highly recommend it anybody
looking for a helmet.
From: Gabriel, NY

Comments: Decent bucket that is pretty light and fairly comfortable. It
adjusts easily enough on the bench if you keep a Philips screwdriver
nearby. It's angled a bit odd though and has some pressure points for
me, but if you have more of a round head it'd probably fit well. It's
not a big deal anyway since the VN foam isn't overly hard or
From: Jack, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This helmet is excellent, and there's a reason why many pros still wear it. Classic look, simple design, and a great price. Plus, the XL fits my size 8 dome, although the padding is a bit stiff. Overall, this is what I think a hockey helmet should look like, and I would hesitate to recommend it to anyone I know! In fact, I just bought my Dad one to replace his wasted Cooper bucket from the early 90's.
From: Will

Comments: retty decent helmet for the money! its light, fits well, comfortable and it does its job well. not a big fan of the cage but thats an easy fix.
From: Michael

Comments: Love this helmet. My small is a little loose, but it's nice and cool, and I really like the profile of it.
From: Chris

Comments: This helmet is perfect for any player. The fit is nice and the price is even better. Any bauer shield will fit on this helmet too!
From: Ryan

Comments: Decent Helmet. I have a huge head so I have to extended the biggest size all the way but the fit is similar to all helmets so no need to size up or down. It offers average protection and for the price you won't find anything better for the price. All these reason are why this helmet has been around and a staple at rinks for years. The only complaint I have is the foam padding is hard so it has little give and can be uncomfortable for some and during long periods of use. This padding keeps it from having great protection but is also what keeps it at a great price, so if you're really worried about protection and have the cash I'd suggest going up to the 7500, 9900, or Cascade M11.
From:  Adam, Cinnaminson, NJ, USA

Comments: Great helmet. Fits nice, looks nice, and relatively cheap for what you're getting. I recommend it to anyone from the beginner to intense player, nice and cool while playing too.
From: Ryan

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