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Comments: Nylon- It feels ALOT breathable than my past gloves! Short Cuff- I found it helps with mobility. So you can dangle the defense! Free Flex Lock Thumb- One of my only cons they claim it gives you "dexterity" but it really takes away protection. I personally like the Padding Shapes and Divisions. It gives you a more traditional feel, The palms are still soft! Fit- More loose. I noticed I have more mobility. Again so you can dangle the defense! Overall- Generally it really comes down to these points. If you "agree" with these points than
your going to like the glove. Also this glove is really light! They are a little bulky. I like these
gloves but it really comes down to personal preference. So if you want a traditional glove
than you would love these! Thanks!

From: ??

Comments: Fit: It fits perfectly to your hands. It is very comfortable. I am a roller player, and I used to use Eagles X6 gloves. I thought these gloves would be a little heavy because they look bulky. But they fit like a glove. The palms looked questionable but they are really durable, and have great ventilation holes. I cant say anything bad about the fit. It has great durability, and feels like they are broken in already. By far one of the best gloves on the market. I bought the black and gold gloves. They are sick, and the next best looking ones are red and black.
From: EL, HI

Comments: Best gloves out there I have had every kind of glove you can imagine, franchises, luxes, eagles, eastons, ccms and these are by far my favorite by far the most comfortable glove you can get! Also has a great price tag on it!
From: ??

Comments: These gloves are phenomenal. they are the most durable and
comfortable gloves i've ever worn. and they have a great feel when ur
From: Jake

Comments: Really love these gloves, recently got my second pair and they have to be one of the most protective and best values in the price
range. not to mention great wrist mobility and great protection. Can't go wrong with the 4 rolls.
From: Steve, MI

Comments: Gloves are 5 stars for a 4-roll type of glove! They fit just like a traditional 4 roll a bit loose but not like your swimming in them. They have plastic inserts which help with the protection, which i always look for in a glove. The also have holes in the top of the hand that help for ventilation. I have had my gloves for about 2-3 years and the palms are not even close to tearing! and i have been on the ice at minimum two times a week.
From: Peter S

Comments: Love these gloves! Super light, very protective, comfortable, with a traditional fit. and the material in the palm provides spectacular feel like your fingers are directly on the slick.
From: Mo

Comments: these gloves fit just the way I like! They are very protective. They are light weight and move with your hands. They aren't to snug and they are very flexible. It took almost no time at all to break them in. Bauer did an amazing job with these and I'm sure when mine get old or to warn down I will go out and by myself another pair!
From: Michael

Comments: Amazing gloves super light weight and awesome protection I think Bauer did a great job on the EPP foam as well I like traditional style gloves (4 roll) and I like the mobility I get out of them great for dangles another selling point that was for me was the Bauer 3D stitched cuff a great touch for a superb glove.

Comments: these gloves offer the traditional look, fit, and feel of the old school leather roll back gloves from 20 years ago - but with the added benefit of using lightweight fast drying materials in both the exterior, interior, and palm. these gloves are going to be "fast and loose" as the saying goes, compared to the recent closer fitting anatomic gloves that are the rage in the nhl. lots of room in the cuff/wrist area for great mobility. surprisingly protective for such a lightweight glove. flexible right out of the bag for almost zero break in time. i predict the double layer clarino palms will wear a hole within 2 seasons of recreational use, but no palms are indestructible.
From:  RC, Chicago IL USA

Comments: Very light weight gloves with great dexterity. The dual density foam offers great protection. Durability is a 10+ too. Virtually no break-in period, they are great right out of the box. I would recommend these gloves to anyone.
From: Joe, Milwaukee, WI. U.S.A.

Comments: These are fantastic gloves. I have really large hands (8" from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger) and prefer the loose fit of a traditional 4-roll glove. They keep your hands warm but have plenty of ventilation so they don't get too sweaty. My old pair of cheaper Nike/Bauer gloves had stretchy elastic material on the fingertips and this was the first area to wear out and get holes in it. The full leather fingers on the Bauer 4-roll Pros will be much more durable and long-lasting I'm sure. The EPP foam that replaced the plastic inserts keeps these gloves SUPER light weight and allow you to have a firm, sure grip on your stick without being bogged down. They aren't the cheapest gloves out there, costing a little over a C-note, but you get what you pay for. High-end equipment is an investment in your game and your safety. If you prefer old school, loose-fitting gloves, pick these up!
From: Ted, NC

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