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Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmets

Comments: I too am very happy with this brain bucket.  It seems to run a little on the large side for me; I wear a 7&3/8 baseball hat and the large was too loose on the tightest setting so returned it for the medium which fits near perfect for my more oval shaped head. The quality is very good along with the fit, I don't have any pressure points even though I have it set nice and snug.  I tend to sweat more in this than my old CCM, but the extra protection in the Bauer is worth it.
From: Jeff, USA

Comments: Just a classic, no frills VN helmet. Very comfortable, good weight and gets the job done. About as protective, if not more, than any other VN helmet out there.
From: Toby, JC, NJ

Comments: Perfect helmet for your mid level - all the way to the compettiive pros. Looks good aesthetically while three types of padding/foam offer light weight protection. Easy to adjust without additonal tools and feels great on my head. Helmets are the last area you should worry about price and this helmet can fit any hockey playing budget!
From: Simon, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: Great helmet. It's pretty light compared the itech one I used to have. The grey foam is comfortable and doesn't seem to absorb sweat like VN foam does. It has pretty decent airflow too.

I did have to change the screw posts on the sides (yeah I keep the ear inserts in) since the stock ones put pressure right on my temples.
From: Lew, WI

Comments: Probably the best Bauer helmet they have. yeah i said it!  All their "high end concussion resisting lies....helmets" are kind of a joke.   They fit the smallest heads possible or have impossible pressure points that just give you the worst migraines in games.

This helmet however is amazing.  Bauer bought Mission as you might know, and did two things, took the mission intake helmets and their amazing VN liners and shoved them into this helmet combined with their little honey comb web they have above it, you can feel it when you take any hits or shock to the head, its fantastic!

The thing about the mission liner that is now in this is its porous a little more than the CCM/RBK ones, so it absorbs your sweat, why? because it uses your own sweat water for impact support, you take a hard hit and all you get is extra sweat that rolls down your face, thats the shock rolling away.  I've had a few times where my head got
cranked like that and this helmet may have saved my brain from being just a noddle.

The fit of the helmet is also great, unlike other high sitting helmets by bauer, this one is a lower sitting profile like the 4k helmets by
RBK.  So if you're switching over from that brand this is the helmet for you!! Would i recommend this helmet?  Absolutely!  If you have a big head like me and want a bauer helmet, this is the helmet to get!

the protection is there, the durability is there, its a clean looking helmet.  It fits nice and deep to protect your entire head and not just protect you like a top hat would.  The ventilation is great too, i really enjoyed it


From: Humberto

Comments: This helmet is decent for the price, It is comfortable and protective. The protection looks pretty good inside, with a honeycomb like liner and another foam padding. There are easy adjustments on each side to get a customizable fit. The helmet also looks slick like the top of the line ones. Its a great helmet for the price!
From: Peter

Comments: We purchased this helmet for our 14 year old son who plays travel hockey. His old Mission Intake finally started to break-down after several years of service. He's been using the new 5100 for the past three months. He liked it right out of the box. Fitting the helmet to his head took less than 30 seconds with the tool-less mechanism. He said it felt great the first time he used it, with no pressure points on the sides or top of his head. The ventilation is very good, probably due to the amount of open space on both sides of the padding at the top of the helmet, directly under the vents in the shell. The helmet is fairly lightweight but very solid. He's had contact with the boards and glass, other players, sticks, and pucks, and he says he doesn't feel any impact, just hears the sound. Bauer has scored a hat trick with the 5100 for comfort, protection, and price. I'd recommend this helmet to anyone at the intermediate to advanced levels.
From: Steve, USA

Comments:Great helmet. Have only used it 3x and already love it. Great fit right out of the box, and very easy to customize. Airflow is DEF noticeable, with the comfort you would expect from a higher end Bauer product. Fits the Hejduk visor perfectly also.
From: Jamie

Comments:The helmet is made of amazingly good material for its price. Was easy to fit to my head right of the box (took about 5 seconds to un- clip the clips, fit, then clip them back down). Fits very snug, but easy to break in. Great buy for intermediate players.
From: Leon

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