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Comments: First once i took these out of the box i was really impressed by not only the look of these gloves the feel. i have not used them yet so this is just a first impression review but they seem very well put together and not cheaply put together. the navy blue white and red looks amazing. the only downside is the tags are kind of big
From: Joe

Comments:  Lightweight glove that's pretty much ready to go off the rack.  Flexible fingers and very breathable.  Good mobility in the wrists and a snug fit in the back of the hands and the fingers.  The APX Pro might have a nicer palm but this palm is the same as the old and popular 4 Roll Pros.  Holds up well to slashes and general wear and tear.
From: Michael, CT

Comments:  Best gloves on the market, very lightweight, still offer tons of protection, great wrist mobility while still offering a slightly tapered fit so the gloves don't feel like your hands are swimming in them. Plus they look great too, save your money and get these over the APX, these have pro palms and are lighter weight, not too mention less money.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: These gloves are absolutely sick. The protection is truly awesome. I play travel and for my school team and they have held up very well. I have not recieved one injury wearing these gloves. Not to mention the performance is amazing. Dangle,Snipe,Celly! The palms as well have not ripped and remain soft. Which gives an awesome feel. They have just the right amount of movement in your wrist. I have had these gloves for at least 3 months not one problem. I recommend these gloves to everyone!
From: Bobby, Malvern, PA

Comments: One outstanding glove. Great break in, smooth feel right off the bat. Has strong protection all around and really nice mobility. I've had them for about 2 months now, no holes or anything. The standard crusty feel after use but no defects what so ever. The look is sick as well, it's a good part of what drew me in. Took about a 70 mph wrist shot off my hand (which ended up deflecting top blocker bar down) and didn't feel a thing and only scuffed a quarter of an inch of white paint off, the shell is like a tender's blocker! That should be the buying factor right there!
From: Jared

Comments: Great glove. Awesome protection and comfortable. I had the gloves for about six months and wore a hole in the palm. Bauer did take care of it for me though (which was A+). Overall I would recommend.
From: Ted

Comments: Good gloves, I like the look and the fit is great if you like tapered fitting gloves. No restrictions in wrist mobility and the gloves are very light weight. After a few months I have almost no wear at all on the palms and they still feel soft and have no smell. Im happy with them and I can tell they are going to be very durable, Id recommend them to everyone, great gloves for the money.
From: Kyle

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