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Comments: Great fit, comfort and ventilation compared to other helmets I've tried. I also had the higher end 9900 version but did not like how tight the ear protectors press up against my head. The 7500 has a more traditional ear protector. I like the super easy no screwdriver needed adjustment on the new helmets. Love the true-vision cage with the skinny bars. Definitely helps not feeling like you have a chain link fence in front of your face. Great product!
From: Dave, Chicago, IL

Comments: This bucket has saved me from serious injury a number of times. I have head guys skate up and ask if I was OK and I just tapped on the helmet and smiled back. #1 reason to choose a helmet = solid protection, and the 7500 has proven itself to me. Other good reasons to buy the 7500 is good fit for a large head AND huge variety of cages & visors that fit Bauer helmets.
From: Tadas, IL

Comments: Comments:After a year of playing I wanted a upgrade from my 2100. I chose the 7500 because it has pretty much the same look as the 2100 and fit my head the same. Definitely happy with my purchase and the free shipping with IW
From: Adam, Cape Cod, MA

Comments:I've had this helmet for just under a year now. I love it. It's comfortable, and durable. I've taken plenty of shots to the head and many hard checks and falls and I have had no problems. It's hard to get a better deal than the 7500. Pro level protection for a mid level price point. I will give it one negative however: the gel strips on the inside do start to come loose after a couple months of use. Your head gets sweaty and warm so the glue starts to lose so of its strength. But all you need to is apply some superglue when it happens and you're good to go. A minor blemish on an otherwise fantastic helmet. 
From: Chris

Comments: I have had the 7500 with cage for 1 yr, playing 1-2 times per week.  Everything seems durable except the glue that hold the memory foam pads.  After a few months, the front and rear pads began sliding out of position, with glue sticking to my skull cap (better than my hair!). After doing some research and reading that this is a very common problem, I followed advice to re-glue the pads with Liquid Nails.  That solved the problem!  Because of this annoyance I will shop around for non-Bauer helmets in the future.

From: Brian, San Diego, CA

Comments: Good helmet,fits comfortable and good protection. I did take a slap shot to the side of the head without issue (which I am thankful for). I haven't had any of the glue problems that I have read about. Overall I am really satisfied.
From: Ted

Comments: I've had this helmet for about a year now. The glue that holds the pads on comes off very easily. Protection and fit is great.
From: ??

Comments: I've had my 7500 for about a year now. I love it. its comfortable, and durable. I've taken plenty of shots to the head and have had no ill effects. I love the way it looks with my new Bauer HDO pro straight half shield too. I have a black 7500 with white 5100 ear loops and a white strap and it looks sick. It's hard to get a better deal than the 7500. pro level protection for a mid level price point.
From: Eric, PA

Comments: I just got this helmet. Haven't played with it yet, but for folks with wider heads. I'm asian so I've had a tough time finding a helmet that fits well. I have the RBK 6k helmet but it's a Large, because I could not get my head in the med. See my review on the 8k for fit issues I had. I had tried on many helmets at all price points. Easton, Mission, CCM, Reebok and Bauer. I had tried NBH 8500 and it fit really well. I then tried the 7500 model in a medium and it fit. My head circumference is 23". Which puts me at the higher end of the mediums for many manufacturers and low end of the Larges. But it's because my head is on the wider side that creates the fit problem. I've always had issues with movement in my helmets. The 7500 fit like it was meant for my head. I can even snug it down more if needed. I haven't worn it yet, but construction for the 7500 is the similar to the higher model helmets. It just doesn't have the little micro adjustments at the back that the 9900 model has. Which when I tried on, I could not get the sliders to move, without taking the helmet off. I just couldn't justify the jump in price. I just got this helmet so I can't comment on durability yet. Or even game performance. But I think it'll be good since I don't have the problem with the fit.
From: Ray

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