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Comments: Great helmet. Having been using this helmet model since 2007, and its just as comfortable as before.
They have made this model super light, and the true vision bars don't really get in the way.
From: Melissa, Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Great Helmet. Best protection and comfort I've used for the buck. Perhaps better for wider heads as it does not put the pressure on my temples that used to force me to take off my helmet a few times a game like my old 4500 did. I personally have had no issues with the adhesive, but I imagine Liquid Nails or Crazy Glue would hold the pads on well if I did. Prior to this helmet I'd only used traditional black and white cages, and I'm happy to report that I'm very happy with the visibility I get with the True Vision cage, whether it's the metal color or thinner bars I can't say for sure, I just know I like it a lot.
From: Matt, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: I bought this helmet in January of 2011 after I got my bell rung wearing my husband's old helmet. I spent many hours the day after researching and found the Bauer 7500. It was affordable and was listed as a top seller. Two and a half years later it is still a top seller and has remained at the same price. I've had no issues with the "glueing problem" and love that you can adjust it without needing a screwdriver. I play twice a week and it's been great! I've recommended it to teammates and based on my experience a helmet is not to be taken lightly.
From: Kathleen, MA

Comments: Awesome helmet! Very comfortable and protective. I would definitely recommend this helmet to EVERYBODY
From: Alex PA

Comments: This was a light and comfortable helmet and the bars on the cage are thinner than most cages. My issue with the helmet was after a year of playing twice a week the glue started to drip and eventually the pads started to fall off. My teammates with the same helmet had the same problem with the glue and pads falling off.
From: Mo, VA

Comments: The 7500 Bauer Helmet was a great decision for me. I play adult league hockey and open hockey up to 4-5 times a week. This helmet was a great compromise, got good protection for a very reasonable price. The 7500 is comfortable and never needs to be readjusted. Very light and the that goes for the cage too, bars are thinner than I remember to to be in the past too.
From: John, NJ

Comments: The 7500 is extremely comfortable. I play about 4-5 times a week and I feel very safe with this on my head, padding is every where and top grade. Once this bucket is on and you adjust it to how you like it then it is set and since it is so light you almost forget it is there. Also the new cages are lighter and the bars are thinner, so you feel like you don't even have a cage. For something this price this is the best thing you can get, hands down
From: John, New Jersey

Comments: Love the Helmet. Its lightweight, looks great, and extremely protective. Fits comfortable and worth every penny. I have always been a fan of Bauer products and they do not disappoint with this number. Overal, great and responsive protective piece. Would recommend to anyone looking for a durable, protective, and great looking helmet at a great price
From: Marcos

Comments: Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and very durable. I feel the best feature of this helmet is how easy it is to adjust the size no tools needed!! I am so glad I spent the extra money to buy this helmet rather then a lower end model.
From: Brian

Comments: This is a light/comfortable helmet, but for as much money as you spend the adhesive on the interior pads is cheap. In my helmet and my teammates' helmets the pads fall out when not wearing the helmet because the adhesive "melts" and drips/flows off. Better bet on the 4500, Cascade helmets or other helmets without adhesives to keep the pads attached.
From: Mo

Comments: The padding in this helmet make it very comfortable on the skull while offering great protection. I've taken a few pucks and sticks already to this hat and it dampens impact really well. The chin cup is high quality and won't bother you during a game. Good ventilation so your head won't overheat. Adjustability feature works well to make minor adjustments to perfectly fit your head. Highly recommended.
From: Jonny. NJ

Comments: very comfertable and very protective and also very light. Do not cheap out on helmets, i would rather pay 120.00 than and medical bill. The true vision is personally the best line of cages
From: Jack

Comments: I really like this helmet. The 7500 cage really minimizes any obstruction of your vision and the helmet itself is very lightweight. The padding very comfortable and it's easy to adjust. That being said, I don't think this helmet is worth the price unless you are more than just a recreational hockey player. If you're just playing men's league or rat, I would settle for the more economical cage-less Bauer 5100 or CCM V08 and then add a nice cage.
From:  Ben, Lombard, IL

Comments: I just started playing about 6 months ago, and I knew - like Will said - you can't cheap out on a helmet. I tried on a couple different brands before I found the 7500. There was something about every single one of the others that just didn't feel right. For example, with the Bauer 5100 I didn't like the feeling of gaps in the padding. But with the 7500 the padding is consistent throughout, and it has extra soft spots - for lack of a better word - in the key areas. It's so comfortable you really don't feel like you're wearing one. In terms of durability, I play defense so I've taken several pucks and sticks off the helmet and grill. Thing is solid as a rock. I really like that you don't get any painful reverb that happens with a football helmet (at least when I was playing 5-10 years ago). The chinstrap is comfortable, and I like the adjustable feature that allows you to get the perfect fit (I think most Bauer helmets have this). Overall, I'd recommend this helmet for anyone
From: Chris Y, Northern VA

Comments: This is a great helmet, Very light and durable. Fits very comfortably, and offers great protection. Air vents keep air circulating well. Had the Bauer 5000 for years, have to say love the Bauer helmets. Very decent price for what this helmet offers. Would definitely recommend this helmet.
From: Kevin, NY, USA

Comments: Really comfortable helmet. DO NOT CHEAP OUT on helmets, folks. I made that mistake in the beginning... this helmet offers way more comfort and protection than the old school helmets.
From: Will, GA

Comments: Awesome helmet, the pads they use wick away sweat like windshield wipers.
People have said they have a problem with the glue but I play hockey in sizzling arizona and I
haven't had a problem.
From: Scott

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