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Comments: This helmet is exceptional! It replaced my old Mission Intake helmet, which had a neck flap in the back that I really liked. The Bauer 9900 has something similar with adjuster knobs in the back to set the tension you prefer. It is also extremely comfortable to wear and the most easily-adjustable helmet I've owned. The only negative that I have is that my old ITECH cage would not fit on the Bauer 9900 and the cage that came with the helmet is a tad bit large. Sweat and water also pools in the chinpad, without holes or slits for it to drain through. However, I've owned this helmet for a little over 1 1/2 years and definitely recommend it!
From: Kevin, San Jose, CA

Comments: great fit, light weight, holds a visor well, and padding stays put. Had it for a year now. Best helmet I've  owned. I been though 4 different brands.
From: Eric, PA

Comments: Happy with this helmet. Fit is comfortable and sizing adjustment is a breeze. I like that the occipital lobe sizing adjuster gives you an extra tweak for a custom fit. I've had the helmet for 2 seasons now, and it's holding up fine. I haven't had any issues with the pads becoming unglued or slipping around like another reviewer mentioned, or like I had with my previous Bauer helmet, but that may just be because mine isn't that old. My one complaint is that I find that sweat drips in my eyes pretty easily with this helmet compared to others that I've had, but that might just be due to the particular shape of my head relative to this helmet design. Having said all that, my next helmet will likely be the Bauer React, or whatever it's equivalent is, so you can see that I'm happy with the brand.
From: CG, Stevensville, MI

Comments: Overall I am happy with this helmet. It fits great,adjusts easily and holds on your head comfortably without being too tight. The poran pads in mine also came unglued. I was outside the warranty period but I contacted Bauer anyway. So far their customer service has been great in helping with the problem.
From: Dave

Comments: I bought this after my old Bauer fell apart after five years.  I like the new padding tech and the two fit adjustment aspects, they work very well and keep the helmet from moving.  I've taken some good hits and I haven't had a single concussion since I put this on, so I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great lightweight solid helmet.  I put a Bauer combo cage shield on it to keep my teeth where they are and it fits well with the standard screws. 
From: Ollie

Comments: i have this helmet and really love it. It is very comfortable, and fits very good. Great top of the line helmet. i recommend this helmet to everyone. AMAZING HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From:  Austin

Comments: Could have been a great helmet. The Poron pads come unglued after moderate use and proper care. All other features are excellent but the fact the pads come out and will not stay in defeats the purpose of a this great features helmet.
From: Dave, Virginia

Comments:Have this helmet and the only problem I've had is that the extra padding (is the gray with yellow trim stuff shown in the underneath pictures) applied to the regular foam padding, comes off/peels because of the sweat. I've had to super glue them back on. But with that being said, I took a nasty fall. I mean a "nasty fall". The kind of fall where everyone in the rink stopped and looked over. Head wiping to the ice and everything and was "all good". I'm telling you: If I didn't have this helmet... blood would have been coming out of my ears.
From: Philly

Comments:Very comfortable helmet! Adjustments are quick and easy. The occipital lock works great and really helps as secondary adjustment to keep the helmet snug. The comfort foams are so nice you almost forget you are wearing a helmet. Not a single complaint
From: KD

From: John

Comments:i have this helmet, and it is amazing. definitely worth the price,above a top of the line product
From: Luke, NY

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