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Comments: Definitely feels protective, and I've had a lot of impacts that probably could have ended a lot worse if I'd had an inferior helmet. It's fairly light and fairly comfortable, though not surprisingly so. The tool-free adjustment is really convenient, though I honestly could never get it to feel quite right on my head. The straps are sturdy and still snap shut like new after a few years of use. Only a few complaints: this helmet definitely seems a little bulkier than most (not heavy, just large in volume); the chin cup on the cage combo is large, hard, and rough on my chin, although it does seem to stay clean and dry; the springs in the occipital adjustment (back of the head) broke very quickly after buying, simply not designed for frequent impact (not Bauer's smartest design). I'd say try it on somewhere before you buy it and see if it feels right. Try on other models and brands until you find one that really stands out in terms of fit.
From: Evander, Peoria, IL

Comments:  I wasn't a fan of this helmet. It just never felt comfortable to me, so I sold it and I bought a Reebok 11k. That's how a helmet should feel.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: This helmet is awesome! Incredibly comfortable and protection on the helmet is incredible, as well. Can easily swap the visor for a clear shield in minutes.
From: Dylan, Florida

Comments: Purchased this helmet to replace my aging CCM lid. I am very limited in terms of fit because I need an X-Lg to get a good fit. I purchased this one w/ the Bauer cage fitted on. My initial impression when I got it was that it was very lightweight. The two-tone cage is an interesting idea. I'm not sure the lighter pain color on the inner surface of the bars helps visibility, but it doesn't hurt either. The padding was noticibly different & more like a bicycle helmet's styrofoam padding but w/ gel (poron) padding glued on top. I've taken a inline puck & an errant stick to the helmet over a few seasons & haven't felt a thing. Tool-less adjustment is very nice. It is a very comfortable helmet. The only issue I have had is that the poron padding is held onto the stiffer styrofoam padding by some sort of glue. After using it a couple of seasons, the padding in the rear (occipital) area has loosened & falls out after i use it. It will stick back on, as the surface remains "tacky" enough, but it always falls back out when I dry my equipment.
From: B. Lew

Comments: Used Bauer's for years and I LOVE this helmet. Much better fit than the previous NikeBauer 9900, super light weight and extremely ventilated.
From: Andi, CA

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