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Comments: I tried my friends apx2 skates on before he bake them and I was impressed on how comfortable and light they were, but when I got into about 3 minutes of skating there was pain everywhere in the forefoot and little in the ankle. the tongue is insanely huge that I had to loosen my skates at the bottom so that it wouldn't cut off the blood flow from my feet. I now have the new total one mx3 skates and they are perfect, have more features to offer like the flex tongue and the flex tendon guard and for the same price. not worth buying a lightweight but painful skate for $950
From: Alex, Brisbane, Australia

Comments: These skates are one of a kind. Hands down the comfiest skates i've ever used and the one piece eyelet system is a must if youre tired of eyelets falling apart. It also gives a better overall feel to the boot. The tongue is about 3/4 in thick providing extreme comfort and the new padding on the edge near the ankle eliminates the problem I've been having with it wearing against my skin. I dont really have much use for the quick change blade system but i'm sure its a nice feature for those players at tournaments or playing a lot of games in a season. Replacement blades are relatively expensive...about $60+ a pair. This skate may be expensive but if you have the cash, its definitely not going to waste.
From: John, Pleasanton, CA

Comments: I upgraded from the APXs because I was getting some rubbing near the tongue.  I had the APX for a year, and the rubbing was always
bad, tried everything, replacing tongues and punch outs.  From the moment I put on the APX2, they were the most comfortable skates I ever wore.  I have been using them for 2 months, and they are great.   Performance is great, comfort is great.
From: Tyler, VA

Comments:  I am coming from the APX skates and the transition was seamless. The comfort level, as always, is exceptional and the new felt tongue is a nice upgrade. The new lacing system is the star in my book for this release. The system allows for a much more snug feel and gives that little extra energy transfer. The one thing I am not the biggest fan of is the fusion steel. I will be moving to LS3 shortly.
From: Rich, PA

Comments: I replaced my TotalONE NXG skates with the new vapor APX2 about 6 weeks ago. Performance wise they are similar to the NXGs. I feel like I can make harder cuts and turns with the APX2s. The new pro felt tongue is an upgrade over the original APX skates. The tongue is fairly bulky so I had to tuck the tongue under my shin guards in order to get a good fit between my shin guards and the skate boot (on my NXG and APX skates I had the tongue over the shin guard). The boot does not protect very well against pucks hitting the composite material compared to the NXGs. I'm not sure if the boot is thinner in the APX2, but I have blocked a few shots with the APX2s that have turned most of my foot black and blue. Lastly, not a fan of the quick release trigger for the runners and will change the holders after the warranty is up on the skates.
From: Matt, Chicago, IL

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