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Comments: Blade:

My previous experience with the Vapor line of sticks was the X:60 and to be honest I was not the biggest fan of that model. Some of it might have been due to the fact that I had to buy it off a clearance rack in a pinch and they didn't have the curve I was using at the time (P88) so I had to settle for a PM9 which I just couldn't get used to. The other aspect of the X:60 I didn't like was that the blade played really pingy. Before deciding to venture back to the Vapor line I read up a lot on the reviews of the APX and found that the biggest improvement on the APX was using the same blade as the original TotalOne, a stick I had owned and liked the blade. The blade handles the puck much better than the X:60 and all the issues with puck bouncing off the blade are now a non-issue. I'll be honest though, having used the Nexus 1000 and NXG, the newer blade on those sticks I feel is a hair better than the blade that's on the APX.


From reading the reviews of this stick before purchasing it, the flex of the APX has seemed to be a common concern with the stick. The dual flex points take a while to get used to. From my experience, I was most heavily playing with a TotalOne NXG with the same stiffness and blade pattern, it takes some adjustment getting used to the dual kick points. While I my hand positioning for wrist shots and stickhandling was roughly the same, I had to place my bottom hand a bit lower for slap shots than I was used to doing on my NXG. The middle portion of the shaft is extremely rigid and if you don't grip at the right spot for the bottom flex point you'll end up with a pretty weak slapper. The shaft shape also takes a little while to get used to if you're coming from a traditional square shaped shaft. In my hands it feels a bit thinner than most square shafts.

Stickhandling/receiving passes:

Puck control is great with the stick. This is where I think the more rounded shaft shape comes into play, I just feel that I can make slightly more deft touches with the puck than the other types of Bauers.

I used to be more skeptical when it came to the advertisements about all the high end technology that was being used in sticks, even after I had owned a couple of the nicer models that were available. However, after using all 3 of the Bauer lines of sticks, I can say that in my experience the description of how each stick will affect your shot is pretty accurate. The higher kick point for wrist shots really helps get off very clean and crisp wristers.

I was a bit skeptical about this stick given my not so favorable experience with the X:60. However given that I had read about improvements to the blade and this time I was able to get this stick in the pattern I preferred along with the shaft texture I enjoy I was willing to give it a shot. I've certainly been won over by the APX. I certainly understand how people might be hesitant to try it given the dual flex points take a while to get used to. I wouldn't say that it's the best stick I've used, but I can see myself really enjoying playing with it for as long as it lasts.
From: Michael, CT

Comments: I first got into Bauer sticks by using the original TotalOne. Using that stick sold me on Bauer products. So when it was time to search for another stick I knew I wanted another Bauer. I could not be happier with the APX. I use a 87 flex P92 APX and the kick it produces on my shots is amazing. Even a simple snap shot seems so sail the puck with power and precision. Even slap shots are powerful with this stick, which surprised me since it is known more as a "quick release" stick. It is a great overall stick that has solidified my decision to go with Bauer.
From: Matthew, Modesto, CA

Comments: Im a beginner player and I have been using Warrior sticks. I was given a TotalOne by a friend which got me onto Bauer sticks. When I broke my Warrior I needed a new stick and decided to try the APX and it was the best decision I ever made. This stick is AMAZING!! First off it is super light and makes it so easy to stick handle with blistering speed. The shaft has a super smooth matte finish which feels great in your hands. It also has great subtel graphics that look so cool. The blade has kind of a rough feel which I dont think I utilize because I tape the whole blade but it is still a cool feature. The most important thing is that this stick shoots like no other stick. The Intelli-Sense shooting is amazing!!!!!!! I move my hands alot on my shaft and shoot from different heights and no matter where you hold it you get tons of whip out of the shaft. Whether you are a player that takes alot of slap shots or wrist shots this is the stick for you. After the first slap shot I took, I had the biggest grin on my face. This is by far the best stick I have ever use. Dont use anything else!!!! 10 out of 10!! 6 out of 5 stars.
From: Josh, Burlington, Vermont

Comments: Great stick! Light with perfect balance!
From: Austin, White, GA

Comments: I just got this stick a week ago and have loved everything about it! It has a great feel to the stick and love the taper on the shaft! The stick also offers a great feel to your shot and the puck fly's of the blade really nicley! If you are looking for a stick that is good I would highly recommend this stick it is a great stick and is a good price also!
From: Skylar

Comments: These are great shoulder pads for female players who want protection without he bulk. They are nice and lightweight, with great mobility. Also, because of the way the pads contour, they fit great around the chest area. Not easily accomplished with most shoulder pads.
From: Matt

Comments: This stick is great if your looking to improve your stickhandeling and velocity.Plus this is a very easily loaded stick you lean a bit in the stick and shot flys off.THIS IS INSANE !!! The durability of the stick is issue tho. The blade is like butter. Broke one after 3 months of use.
From: sam

Comments: I've been using this stick for a year and it held up pretty well so far. Things that you will notice IMMEDIATELY when holding this stick is definitely the weight and balance, they are ridiculously amazing. Being very lightweight, you will be able to stickhandle faster and your wrist/snap shot release will be significantly quicker. I think Bauer did a fantastic job in designing the APX as a twig for snipers. If your game is quick snap/wristers and stickhandling then this is the perfect stick for you. However, for the power players or players looking for a more all around stick (like me), the APX might not be the best choice. For me, slapshots are decent with this stick, sure I lost some velocity compared to mid-kick sticks but nothing too significant. The real problem was one-timers. You will feel instantly that the blade torques too much when trying to do a one-timer off of a hard pass especially if you are a big powerful guy with a powerful shot, resulting in power loss and/or flubby shots. You can address this issue by going a flex higher but that would mean sacrificing your wristers. So, if you're a sniper and rarely or never takes one-timers then this is probably the most reliable stick on the market at the moment, definitely get them.
From: Michael

Comments: Very nice stick. Extremely light as are a lot of high end sticks. Checked into boards and it cracked in two places - mid shaft and near the blade. Only had it for a month. Leery of getting another one as it was new thus pricey. Really have never had that happened to my other sticks including Bauer vapor X60(apx seems lighter but if less durable, not a good tradeoff)
From: Charles, Ohio

Comments: This is by far an incredible stick. As soon as i got it i almost immediately
noticed the feel of it. Its so lightweight, which makes it that much easier
to stickhandle. The dual kickpoints on the stick along with the pop is what
tops it off though. If your looking for a stick with feel, but also a lot of
power in your shot, this is the stick for you. I loved the x:60, and I love
the apx even more! Bauer did a fantastic job, 5 out of 5 stars!
From: Ronnie, PA, USA

Comments: Incredible twig. Lightweight, agile, and full of pop. I've been hitting the net a whole lot more with the Bauer APX. Very similar to my x60 so you can't go wrong with it. The blade is great too. Havent broken one yet, which is great cuz I take alot of faceoffs and shots. Two thumbs up, ten outta ten!
From:  Luke, PA, USA

Comments: I totally love this stick. I coming from playing with a Sherwood RM19 2 piece stick. The Sherwood was a great slap shot stick but I am forward and donÕt take nearly that many slap shots. I switch over to the APX about a month ago and I am totally hooked. The stick is extremely lite and at first thought was this is not going to hold up but it has. Due to how lite this stick is you can make better stickhandling moves. I am a left handed shot so I picked up Kane 87 flex. The lower flex of this stick has greatly improve my wrist and snap shot. The power the comes from the low kick point will sure add some MPH to you shot. My passing and shooting has improved due to the feel and feedback the APX delivers to your hands. With other lite sticks I used in the past you would get a dead hollow feel when the puck would hit your stick but no of that happens with the APX. The way Bauer designed this stick it almost feels like you are directly connected to the puck.
From:  Chad, Morganville, NJ USA

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