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Comments:  This stick is by far the best stick that i have ever used! Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick is ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick release shots. Available in either a smooth or Griptac finish, the Bauer Vapor APX features a Micro Feel II Shaft, Intelli-Sense Shot Technology, Monocomp Technology, a Patented Dual Density Blade Core and the Vapor Premium Dual Taper. This stick was built for the art of sniping. The only downfall is the price but if you have the money go with this stick for sure!
From: Anthony

Comments: Quite possibly the best stick Bauer has ever offered. The Bauer Vapor Apx had improved my shot power with that intellisense technology. Having to use Wristers and clappers evenly its a great all in one stick. I've used the same one since it had came out and it really lasts, there are a few chips here and there but its honestly feels like a new stick. Great improvement from the X:60. I really don't think how they can make this stick any better than it is. Better than the RS II, CCM RBZ, or the Reebok 20K. This is the stick everyone should get. Weather you're a D_man, forward or grinder I highly recommend this.
From: Paul, Canada

Comments: This stick is insanely light with great feel for the puck, the more rounded corners just feel so much better than the more squared sticks and the grip isn't to tacky, Just great.
From: Jake

Comments: Very light weight stick it has great feel and gives you a very quick release on your shots. I have had 4 of these this year and it is my back up to my rbz as of right now. The only con of this stick is the blade gets flimsy and breaks very easily it is the only stick I have seen break in the weirdest places in the blade so far this year. I am considering getting another one because I absolutely love this stick I am stuck between getting another one of these or another nxg. 
From: ??

Comments: Great stick with amazing feel and has amazing kick and response. 
From: Chris, US

Comments: Hands down the best stick I have ever owned!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
From: Alex, Novelty, OH

Comments: The BEST twig I've ever used, hands down! Great elasticity, and snap on shots, great balance for some dirty dangles, and the grip adds an awesome texture to the shaft helping you to keep the sucker in your claws when slashed or poked. I love the designs keeps  the XXXX, and X:60 style and color with a newer, sleeker graphic. 10 out of 10. Hoping to buy my next one soon.
From: Sam

Comments: this stick took a lot of getting use to after using an eq50 for a little while. It is by far the lightest stick I have ever owned but this isn't always a good thing. It's almost too light in some situations even now that I'm use to it. Ifu have been using newer Bauer sticks and u like them u should be fine but otherwise u might want to get an Easton rs or a covert dt1.
From: Caden

Comments: this stick is amazingly light the i have had this stick for about a whole year the blade has gotten weaker but it has taken a year my favorite hockey stick and i have used many sticks but not this expensive it was a lot for me to pay for my self
From: Max

Comments: this stick was one of the better sticks I had! It made my shot harder and put the shot right where I wanted it. There's only one problem I had with it witch was that its a pretty weak shaft. I had 3 of them and the longest one of these lasted me was 4 months. I broke the other 2 within a month and a half one was under warranty. So if u have the money to keep bying these go out and get your self like 5 other wise go check out the 7.0
From: Michael

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