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Bevo 608 Bearings ABEC9 16 Pack w/Spacers

Comments: I have had these exact bearing for about 6 years and they have never failed on me and never have given me problem. These are the best bearing I have. they are just as good as my Bone Swiss and a lot less maintenance then the Swiss I only have to clean them once a year if that. Very great value for the money
From: Zack

Comments: Replaced a set of Bones Reds with these.  I'm really happy with them so far and after a month and a dozen or so sessions they seem to be a good upgrade.  I did pack them with a little extra bearing gel before I put them in since the fine sand here in Florida can work it's way in over time.
From: Bryan

Comments: My skates came with micro bearings, but after struggling to find wheels I ended up buying these bearings so I could get replacement wheels. Figured they'd be pretty good, Abec 9 and all. These bearings are the worst. After a few wears some of the bearings literally would not turn. So I'm thinking okay maybe just those ones were faulty. I took other bearings out of the package (I had only used about half of them since I still had some micro hub wheels on) and skated on the newly-replaced bearings. Again, halfway through the game I'm noticing my wheels just have tons of friction and turn slowly even with my full weight on them. Take them off after the game and again, they literally won't turn. Long story short, don't buy these bearings. Get Swiss bearings.
From: Mike, IL

Comments: Horrible bearings. Got maybe 25 games out of them before they started to seize.
From: Dave, Schaumberg, IL

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