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Bauer Concept 3 Certified Full Shield Senior

Comments: Wow here I am writing yet another review! Well. I purchased this after wearing a visor all off season and not being able to transition into a cage. There was only one problem I've had with this and it would be fogging. But, I did find out Pledge works wonders! I spray it on and wipe it off with a cloth and it doesn't fog up as long as you don't wipe it with your hand or jersey. If need be you can carry a small towel on the bench but overall this is amazing! Ryan Foster 18AA
From: Ryan, Clovis, CA

Comments: I am not sure if I was doing something different then all the other posts on here but this visor fogged up on me as soon as I started using it. smeared a couple drops of dish soap on it and it seemed to the trick. Great visor for vision once I got passed the fog issue. Would recommend buying some sort of spray or be ready to do some house hold work to prevent fog.
From: Matt, Shaver

Comments: This puppy fogged up the first time I stepped off the ice and into the box. I ended up lifting it each time I went to the bench, but as soon as I lowered it, it fogged up. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SHIELD!! I will try a spray or rub, but I didn't think I would have to. I want my ZLeader shield back, but it broke. I had it for 10-12 years and never needed anything.
From: Larry, Cape Cod, MA

Comments: This is exactly what it is, a light, no fog, clear, easy maintenance, full face shield. Well worth the purchase.
From: Daniel, NY

Comments: I always hated the cage but I'm too young to use a half shield and this is a great substitute. It fits my bauer IMS 7.0 helmet very well and fits/feels great, not to mention it's very light. When I first got this I was afraid it was going to fog up in game but so far I have never had any trouble with fog or dirt. Great job bauer
From: Dan, NY

Comments: When I first started to play i had the regular metal cage, then spent the extra money and got the titanium and thought that was the most amazing light weight shield ever. Then i bought this concept 3 shield. Its INCREDIBLE. The visibility is like you are wearing no shield at all. Very light weight and NO fog up what so ever. Highly recommend. Awesome!
From: Jeff H, Long Island, NY

Comments: Bought this from IW and this visor is amazing! I play twice a week and this visor never for once fog up. I used to have the half visor and half cage which was quite heavy. This is shield is a lot lighter and definitely a nice upgrade!
From: Arthur, Vancouver, Canada

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