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Comments: I really like the way these fit and the protection that they offer. You cannot be frugal when it comes to a cup, and this combo is worth the money. I guess the best thing you can say about a jock short + cup combo is that you don't notice it while your playing and thats the case with this one from shock doctor. 5 months of 2-3 games a week and the jock still fits and looks great.
From: Mike

Comments: Great jock, hold the socks up as you need it. the cup stays secure also. The only think i dont like is that the pant part is a bit long, but its not a huge problem.
From: Peter

Comments:Played a couple times a week in these for about two years. They are great. Very little wear and sill have good elasticity. One thing you need to be carefull for is the velcro sticking to other parts of the leg. It can tear up the other surfaces if you let it. You need to put the protector flap down asap after disconnecting from sock. They are great, worth the money!
From: Jo

Comments: I purchased these on the recommendation of a fellow hockey player when I was outfitting myself for my first season of ice hockey. I think they are very comfortable & they do a great job of holding my socks up. You do have to be careful with the Velcro (I make sure to wash them inside out so it doesn't have a chance to come undone & stick to other items in the wash). When getting dressed for a game, you also have to make sure you get the cup in the pouch straight (it sometimes ends up a bit crooked & that is not comfortable at all). I'm on my second pair of these because I accidentally left them behind after a game & they were gone the next day when I went back to the rink. I liked them enough to purchase them again & not really consider anything else. My first pair was still going strong after 2.5 years of playing about once a week.
From: Will, TX

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