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Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Shields

Comments: I have been using the Bauer HDO visors for some time now as a ref, and player.
Originally I was using the one with the slot setup, and when I recently got a new helmet, got the wave pro clip along with it.

Now as far as visors go, honestly they are almost all the same. What makes this different is the mounting system so I will focus on that. But for sake of review:

Clarity : 10/10

Fog free treatment : 9/10 Had one very warm day at a rink in Arkansas that led to a bit of fog on the lower part of the visor.

Protection : 10/10 2 pucks, 1 gloved punch, and plenty of errant sticks. I have had no issues, especially as it doesn't shift on impact like the slotted visor did.

Now the mounting system : 9/10 I love this as I can go with the wave for a bit more coverage(although as stated in the cons section, I do not like the "wave cut" that is also present on top of the visor.) or the straight for a bit more air.
I also love the availability of two pack replacements for the price of one visor, makes scratches, dings, and chips a non issue.
I also love the fact that I can make the visor sit where I want by moving the mount up or down, and I can adjust the dept by simply moving the clip housing back or forward. It is also slotted in an almost sawtooth fashion as to provide a stable lock when it is screwed on.
The reason for 9/10 is simply due to the fact that it can be finnicky as to how easy it is to remove the previous visor if you are replacing it.

Overall : 9.5/10 This is a great option as far as visors go, and I don't see myself making a change anytime soon.
From: David, Owasso, OK

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