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BladeTape PLAYER Hockey Blade Grip Pads

Comments: I just recently purchased the bladetape and so far I really like how the tape grips to the puck and how I can control the puck. I will buy more bladetape.
From: Armando, La Puente

Comments: I bought Bladetape because I was tired of retaping my ABS Street Hockey stick every single time that I use it on pavement. For that purpose, it works great. I would definitely recommend this product for use with a puck, I regularly use mine with the Green Biscuit or Smart Hockey Training Puck and I love it. However, it do find it a little difficult to use with a street hockey ball because it grips it too well, but that could just be that I'm more comfortable with the puck at this point.
From: Matt, Ellington, CT

Comments: The first time I saw these, I wasn't sold on them. I thought it was because the players didn't know how to tape or something. I was wrong.

I really like these. I play inline beer league. Used tape and hated how my blade stuck to floor. And tape isn't super cheap either -- particularly when you replace it every other game.

So I ponied up $10 when making another purchase just to try it. So glad I did. I've got 5 games under my belt so far with these and only have 1 tiny cut. I play offense and defense -- I don't go easy on my sticks. I suspect I'll get 15-20 games with it. Prob more. That's what -- $15-20 in tape??? It's cheaper and better. My blade has no resistance anymore. Winner.

Just purchased more for me and my son. Highly recommend.
From: Richard, Mission Viejo, CA

Comments: I've been using Bladetape on a few of my sticks this season, and love it. Weight difference isn't terribly noticeable at first, but late in the game it helps. As for catching passes, it does a good job of gripping the puck as you catch it in. All around love it. 1 has lasted me 22 games. Another got shredded at 17. Other is on my 3rd backup stick so not used yet, but hasn't lost its grip in 3 months. So durability is very good.
From: David, Owasso, OK

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