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Comments: I received a Nexus 1000 stick as a warranty replacement form Bauer for an APX stick that broke.  I do not like the feel of this stick compared to the APX or totalONE.  The nexus feels like an old-school wooden stick with very little "feel" for the puck while stick handling and a limp kick point.  When I take a shot with an APX, I can feel the stick load up as it flexes and then all the energy transfers to the puck as the shot is released.  There is no "POP" with the nexus twig...There has to be a reason you don't see too many pros use the nexus.  In my opinion, this stick is not worth $260, unless you like a stick that was designed to feel like a wooden stick.
From: Matt, IL

Comments: Comments:This stick is seriously in a category of its own I can't describe how good the feel and the flex point is! It is always right on and that's what I love about this stick it has a great feel in the hands I love the traditional shaft features it has too it is very light and balanced however I got p08 haha too much curve for me so I gave it to one of my teammates he loves it.
From: ??

Comments: Really good stick, seems to me to have a similar feel to the sherwood t-90. Both sticks use "True Flex" which means that the flex point moves based on your hand positioning. This seems to give a similar feel to that of a low kick point stick if you are used to using something like the total one that has an amplified mid kick point. If you are a player who likes to take every type of shot I would say this is the best stick for you.
From: David, Casper, WY

Comments: Great stick, extremely lightweight and well balanced. Puck feel on the blade is the best I've ever used on a one piece stick. Also great durability, have had the stick 3 months and still feels as new as the day I bought it. Would highly recommend this stick to anyone looking for a top of the line stick. A++
From: Blake

Comments: I have a pretty strong brand loyalty to my gear so I was very interested in trying out the Nexus sticks when they were first introduced. I had already owned a TotalOne and a Vapor X:60 and found them both to be high quality sticks. As "luck" would have it I broke a TotalOne while it was still was under warranty right around the time they phased in the Nexus and I received a Nexus 1000 (102 flex, P88 pattern) as my replacement. For the style that I tend to play where I use wristers and snapshots more than slapshots, the Nexus fits me the best. Whereas I found the Vapor X:60 to feel a little pingy and the puck felt a bit bouncy, the Nexus has a softer feel with puck handling and passing. It doesn't have quite the pop as the TotalOne but the puck feels a lot smoother coming off the blade with wristers and snappers. Now as a disclaimer I play in a non-checking adult league, so the durability issue has probably not been tested as if I was playing in a more physical environment but there's still plenty of hacking and slashing going on and so far (4 months) it's held up well aside from the expected nicks and chips. The only negative I'd have to say is that the non-grip version has a slick matte finish, and unlike the TotalOne with the tacspiral grip, the shaft can be a little too slick. Overall it's a terrific stick, I know it will be high on my list of replacement sticks when they day comes to get a new one
From: Michael

Comments: Great stick. I have used it a lot and it has held up well.
From: Thomas

Comments: Best stick I have ever owned. True mid-kick that has improved my slapshot considerably. Lightweight and durable, worth every penny.
From: Chris

Comments: Love the stick, and I should considering it's the lightest most balanced stick on the market.
From: Scott, Tempe, AZ, USA

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