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Comments: This is the most amazing stick ever!!! I love it love it love it!!!!!! I haven't found a better stick yet! Absolutely no regrets on buying this stick. Amazing, just amazing.
From: Tristan, CO

Comments: This stick is amazing. It's so light and durable. My slap shot clocked at 95 mph with this stick!! Most sticks I break in like 2 months. I've had this one for about 8 months. I love it. Will get this stick again every time I break it, if I break it that is!!! I hope bauer never stops making this stick.
From: Jimmie, CA

Comments: Favorite stick of all time. No better way to put it. It's definitely the lightest stick I've ever encountered and the feel for the puck is amazing. Also the pop is out of this world. I can just effortlessly unload huge slappers or quick snappers and have great results. To me this stick is 10/10. Bauer did an excellent job on this stick.
From: Justyn, New York

Comments: Was not a big fan of Bauer sticks before, but after giving the Nexus a try I am very pleased. This stick is super light and durable so far. The puck flies off the blade and has a very nice flex profile. If you are looking for a light stick with pop and durability, you must try this stick.
From: Everett, Pittsfield, MA

Comments: I Bought this stick has soon has it came out, and was not at all disappointed. The feel of this stick is incredible. Not only does it perform well but it lasted me 5 months which is longer then any other stick. 5 months is a long time for me as I play Midget AAA hockey and am on the ice 6-7 times a week. I would definitely recommend this stick to anyone who just wants a really good stick that's extremely durable compared to the other top of the line sticks.
From: Aaron

Comments: Flex: 87 Pattern: PM9 Finish: Grip Aesthetics The stick's basic muted graphics package looks very nice. 9/10 Blade/Stickhandling/Receiving Passes This is one area where I tend to be pretty strict when testing out new sticks. Ever since the Bauer ONE95, I have been spoiled when it comes to the feel of the puck on the blade. The Nexus has a good feel for the puck when stickhandling and receiving passes - not too pingy and not too soft. 8/10 Shaft/Flex The flex profile on the Nexus was something that was new for me and to be honest, it was something that I just couldn't get used to. At times the puck load felt natural, but at other times it felt awkward. This is a very popular profile with the pros, but I would highly recommend buying this stick after trying a stick with a similar flex profile. The shaft walls and corners feel nice in your hands and provide a comfortable experience. 7/10 Shooting This was heavily impacted by the flex profile. There were certainly times where I felt the puck load efficiently, but more often than not I wasn't getting off the shot I was expecting. Again, this is due to me not being used to the kickpoint, I have seen others on my team fire the puck. 7/10 Weight and Balance The weight of the stick was very nice, pretty much on par with many of the newer sticks on the market; it is not too heavy and not too light. What I was really impressed with was the balance of the Nexus. The balance is on par with all of the top end sticks and was not an issue. 9/10 Durability I have had no problems with the durability of the Nexus; it is a true warrior as far as my experience goes. No shaft or blade compromises at all during my use for a month or so. The blade never got soft and maintained it's pop. 9.5/10 Conclusion Overall I would say that the Nexus 1000 is a very good stick, but again, I would HIGHLY recommend you try a stick with a similar flex profile, or just be prepared to expect a learning curve. 8.5/10 player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)
From: Rich

Comments: This stick is amazing. The pop is great and the kick is out of this world. It's also very durable
From: ??

Comments: got this stick 2 days ago, AND CAN'T TELL YOU MORE THAN "AWESOME" THIS IS THE BEST STICK I'VE EVER HAD VERY DURABLE, ITS LIKE TOTALONE NXG + APX! MY HANDLING AND SHOTS BECAME BETTER, And i'm a bauer old version lover so i love the design and this stick fits me very well! go get it WORTH EVERY PENNY
From: James

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