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Comments: Comments: Great stick for anyone looking for a mid-kick. Not too pricey, extremely light but still durable. All around, perfect for those one timers or slappers.
From: Tim, Baltimore, MD

Comments: This is a great stick for te pricepoint. It offers durability that the higher priced sticks seem to lack. It has a little extra weight but that keeps it in one piece and still offers a good balanced feel and is light "enough." The stick loads pretty easily and wristers have good pop. I like the midkick of the stick and the shaft feels sturdy in your hands. For the price, this is the best stick on the market and makes it harder for me to throw money at more expensive sticks; it just doesnt make sense. Best mix of quality and price
From: Thomas

Comments: LOVE this stick. Puts some real zip on the puck with snap shots. Very light and an awesome black on black design. I would suggest this stick to anyone.
From: Philip, UT

Comments: The Bauer Nexus 600 stick is a great mid-level stick. It offers a more controlled kick than most mid-level sticks, and it is clear that Bauer has taken some of the more advanced tech from year's past and put it to work for the intermediate players or the advanced player who doesn't want to shell out the big bucks. This stick is definitely up to the task of any but the most scrutinizing advanced player. Having used some top-of-the-line offerings from both Bauer and Easton, I've got to say that it's hard to beat the value of the Nexus 600. It's not quite as well-balanced as the top-end sticks, but the release and control is certainly comparable. If you don't feel comfortable spending much over $100 on a stick, look no further than the Nexus 600.
From: Jeremy, ME

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