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Bauer NME 3 Goalie Masks Sr

Comments: I recently purchased this mask, to replace an older street hockey mask, after getting a stinger in the face. I decided to find an entry level Ice Hockey mask to take care of the stinger/ ringing in the ear issue. After about 3 uses, I have been very happy with the NME 3. It really contoures to my face and is a huge improvement in terms of protection compared to my street hcokey mask, and ofcourse this mask has the look of the Pros (that was kind of important to me)!!! I very highly recommend this mask, for street/ ball hockey and inline hockey, and maybe low level ice hockey . Thanks again inline warehouse for the great mask!
From: Jeff, IL

Comments: I play men's league (18-34 yr olds) and this is the perfect mask for the job! I've tried other high level masks and for me this was the best of both worlds. Great protection and price. I've played with this mask for about 3 months now and taken plenty of shots off the cage and sides. Slapshots and deflections. Even a few sticks... but none of them hurt one bit. My old mask would leave me dazed and would be VERY loud. This is still loud, but not deafening. It absorbs/deflects the impact and I'm able to quickly find the puck and be in position for the next save.

Only Con I can say is the chin strap (not the chin cup) is annoying. I had to take some scissors to it and it's great.

If you buy this mask you won't be sorry. I'm very happy with it!
From: Michael, Kentwood, MI

Comments: Great value and protection. I play mostly pick up, but its against a few ex minor leaguers and there are a few head hunters in that group. I took a hard slapper to the cage and had no problems.
From: Stephen, Pleasanton, CA

Comments: Great helmet for the price.  Used in adult hockey leagues so the levels go from rookie to A, A/B hockey. I have not had any problems with the helmet in a year of once a week use.  In about 6 months just tighten up the screws. Only hit a few time in the head and had no issue. Two slap shots were really hard but I felt fine.  Really freaking LOUD though, but not injured or even stunned. Great if your trying to get into the sport.  I had bought gear used and new to keep cost down,  but if I had to do it again I would get all new.  I have been very happy with all the entry level equipment I have.  People tend to make you "fear" entry level stuff, but I have been very pleased with this helmet.
From: James, Titusville, FL

Comments: This helmet is a definite value. I didn’t know if this helmet would hold up at higher levels of ice hockey but have not had any problems. I have taken at least 15 shots from different distances and different areas of the mask and have not had any problems. Very easy to adjust even on the ice, comes with two sweat bands that are easy to pull out and wash. Foam padding inside is not to soft at first but breaks in fast. I would say the only thing negative about this helmet is the Bauer helmet bag it comes with. It’s more like a grocery bag but makes a great puck bag.
From: Lindsey

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