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Comments: I have had these skates for a year now and they are great the only downside is the tendon guard being sorta floppy but I guess that is the design. top flight skates are expensive but well worth it just in the amount of time they last in comparison to the lower/entry level skates.
From: Dustin, San Jose, CA

Comments: I have never owned top of the line skates (upgraded from Easton S9s), and I must say that it is well worth the investment. I prefer a tighter feel around the ankles, so I put in the "Stiff" tongue insert and it was exactly what I've always wanted in a skate. No need for tape or lace wrapping. You definitely get what you pay for with these skates.
From: Kaiser, Salt Lake City, UT

Comments: Great skates! I've had them for almost two seasons now and haven't had any trouble at all with them. Obviously it's a lot of money to drop, but they hold up great and are worth it in the long run!
From: Sean, Eagle River, AK

Comments: Words cannot describe these skates! Simply put, they are amazing! I did not need to bake mine because they had a great fit out of the box! They are lightweight, strong, protective, and very sick looking. What I love about these skates is that they will still not bend inwards even if they are still a little bit big on you. For me I am still growing, so I need some growing room and these magically fit on my feet. They are super comfortable, and after my first practice with these beauties, the ankle pads already formed to my ankle, and so did the foot bed! AMAZING! The tendon guard is another amazing thing which makes the overall feeling of the skate better. Compared to my other skates which restricted me from skating, the NXG does not, so I have a full range of motion so I can do whatever I want! I have the mid stiff insert in the tongue and it also saved my foot against a few pucks. This skate has helped me skate better, making my strides much better, as well as sprinting on the ice! I would never go with another skate! These are just way to awesome! These skates truly adapt to your feet and are worth every penny!
From: Melanie, NY

Comments: I used to skate in the old TotalONE skates and loved how light and responsive they were which allowed me to be quicker than ever on the ice. The NXG is Just as light as the previous model and has all the awesome technology in the composite boot. I really like what theyve done with Tendon guard. I didnt pay much attention to it when I was looking into the purchase but I have to admit I notice a slight boost in quickness with the less restrictive guard on the NXG. You can really feel your stride length enhanced with the new technology. Should be noted that the supreme series skates come with a less aggressive stance (less forward pitch) then the Vapor series but that can be fixed by adding a heel lift if you prefer to be more on your toes. As for durability, ive had the NXG for almost a year now and they are just as stiff and as responsive as day 1. Theres no doubt Bauer makes the best skate today and you cant go wrong with the Supreme series of skates.
From: Brandon, CA

Comments: I just got the nxg's and i love them they are such a great skate and I hope bauer keeps coming out with such great skates. These are by far the best ones I've ever used. The stiffness of the skate is perfect, I'm able to do sharper turns, and they glide easily across the ice. They also mold right to your feet which is perfect amd took no time at all to get used to them.. Bauer is the only company I use for skates and they just keep on delivering with new products. They bake very easily.
From: James, PA

Comments: These gifts from god made me no longer bend. I go so hard in the paint with
From: Jesus, Canada

Comments: I just bought the NXGs and got them baked, I skated on them for the first time today and they were just amazing. They are so light I could barely feel them, and the the flex of the tendon guard really offers great mobility and sharper turns. I also tested out all the 3-flex choices and I settled at Stiff which felt great! They almost kick back on you so you can lift your feet faster and then skate faster! I used to have the X60s which also are great skates, but nothing compared to the NXGs in my opinion. As for the Total Edge Comfort, It felt really good and I did not get any kind of blisters as I would on the X60s. The foam was also really comfortable and it did not build up as much moisture as the X60s, and the stiffness of the NXGs were great (I prefer a SUPER stiff skate) and these skates offered me just that! Overall I really liked the " Bauer Supreme Total One NXG " skates and they were totally worth the expensive price tag!
From: Harald

Comments: These are the best skates I have ever used. My previous skates were Vapor APX and the NXGs are more comfortable and allow for more fluid skating and faster foot speed. The lace eyelets are much stronger than the previous total one model. I have had the skates for 8 months and have had no issues with the liner or eyelets (I skate 4-6 times a week)
From: Matt

Comments: The Bauer NXG is my 4th skate; i've been in CCM Tacks CCM U+ and Bauer Vapor. I have to say that this is a skate that fits extremely well. It took me a Warm-up and the 1st period to get used to the amazing range of motion. I haven't felt that in any skate, the feeling you receive from your toe snaps is very surprising. Bauer did a great job in the comfort of the boot not skipping any areas from your toes to your ankles. Another great aspect is the responsiveness of the CURV composite upper, no energy is waisted in your strides. One thing is wish I would read in more reviews is this: Get the right boot for your foot. The Bauer NXG work great for me; definitively give this skate a try.
From: Giancarlo

Comments: Got this skates 2 days ago a long with my new vapor APX skates. i'm an indonesian player and i played 3- 4 times a week in china(every 2 months) and indonesia (every 4 months) and what I've experienced with this skates is this is a very BALANCE AND FITTED MY FEET EASILY AND MY FEET GET USED TO THIS SKATES JUST LIKE THAT AND JUST THAT EASY!! this skates have a very very awesome balance, and my skates become faster, easier, more balanced and my tapping crossover become easier and faster too! and the other thing i love about this skates is the foam, the foam is just really comfortable to your feet! and not to mention, the tongue, it has been upgraded to FLEX3 and its really comfortable and SICK! THIS SKATES HAS IMPROVED MY LEVEL OF SKATING AND PLAYING HOCKEY!, and you know what! NO S## MAN! ITS REALLY MAKING MY TOE AND FOREFOOT MORE COMFORTABLE THAN ANY OTHER SKATES IVE EVER USED (i was a x60's user before) and the design too!! i like the design, is more ELEGANT but i love the x60's a little bit more cos its more sporty, but guys think of it, do you want to ended up buying a good looking skates or best performance skates? well, if you do looking for the best performance skates, GO AND GET THIS totalone NXG, its a little expensive of course, BUT ITS REALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY YOU WONT REGRET IT!!
From: James

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