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Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmets

Comments: I loved this helmet from the day I got it, although I prefered the old VN-Foam so I switched over to a 4500 but without a doubt this is a wonderful helmet!
From: Ryan Clovis, CA

Comments: Best hockey helmet ever made. Comfortable, protective, cool look. 
From: Peter Graell, El Paso, TX

Comments: When you buy the Re Akt, had some doubts about its quality because there was no comment, however I decided to give it a try, BAUER, has done an excellent job, is a lightweight case that when well placed allowing the player have a free head control is not an element that complicates the game, on the other hand, helps to develop a better and faster game.

I just feel upset that Bauer I just get a new helmet, and I wish I had the top of the series.
From: Luigi Manciati, Quito, Ecuador, 

Comments: Great helmet. Very comfortable with no pinch-points or areas of discomfort. The slide-bar in the back moves a pad to hug the back of your head in the softer area just underneath the widest part of your skull. When fitted properly and the slide-bar/adjuster is down, there is no way the helmet will come off even in a violent collision. The only drawback is that there is no sweat absorbency anywhere in the helmet.
From: Chad, San Diego, CA

Comments: Love this helmet, feels very protective, the shape of the helmet really fits well for wide heads because I've always had an issue with helmets pinching my temples. The inside of the helmet is very soft but still protective. Another thing is that the cage is very slender in terms of wiring, also the chin cup is very comfortable, compared to others such as the rbk 5k cage.
From: Jonathan, Hong Kong

Comments: 23.5 cm head size, so I am between a Medium and Large. I went with Medium (no store locally to get sized). I am thinking I may ought to have gone with the Large. The helmet fits pretty well when fully expanded, with the occipital full compressed. However, the cage seems a bit short. No big deal as I am a Beer Leaguer, but I will be trying on the L when I get back to the US and can find a pro shop that carries stock for guys over 6'.
From: Cosmic, Indonesia

Comments: My son had been using a cascade helmet for about 2 years and had gotten 2 pretty severe concussions. I wanted to see if there was possibly a helmet with better protection so I did some shopping around and found the re-act. He has not gotten another concussions since hes been wearing the helmet. I was very impressed with the protection and my son liked the feel and the new design, overall a very quality helmet.
From: Steven, NY

Comments: I have been out of hockey for several years; haven't played since early 2000's. I'm joining an adult roller league and am having to upgrade all my equipment. First thing to go was the helmet, my old mid-1990's CCM foam felt like concrete! I tried to cap my price range around $60-70, so was looking at middle- of-the-road Bauers, CCM and Reeboks. Felt them up at some shops and wasn't too impressed. Started thinking about the importance of protecting my head since I'm the breadwinner in the family and wanted to get the best I could. I bought the RE-AKT after reading several positive reviews. My head measures around 23" and, after chatting on the phone with the great folks at IW, I went with a size M. Perfect fit, and the Central tool- free adjustment and Occipital lock work great!! I've done a couple Stick & Puck ice sessions with the helmet, one w/Bauer 920 Deluxe Combo (Medium, nice fit) and one without anything. The helmet is comfortable you forget you're wearing it. I was sweating a LOT, but it was not getting in my eyes with either setup. Wiped away a couple beads at the edge of my brows about 3x, but that's it. Feels cool and comfortable. We'll see how it does in the warm roller rink, but so far this is a wonderful product. The price is steep, but I seriously doubt you'll regret it. Thanks again, IW, for the great service!
From: Nathan, Wichita, KS

Comments: this is the helmet that i chose and havent looked back. it is very lightweight and comfortable. i also quite liked the design and aesthetics it has and the color choices. great helmet. worth the money.
From: John, Toronto, Canada

Comments: Bauer RE-AKT helmet I have had both Bauer and Cascade helmets. My old Bauer was out of the protection HECC date and needed to be replaced. My first thought was to get another Cascade but started doing some research and watched a number of videos on the new Bauer technology and was impressed. This is a very protective helmet. I am a low end adult leauge player but have had several concussions in my life so protection is important to me. What I did not expect was how comfortable this helmet is. It is like wearing a baseball cap. I almost forget its on. Easy to adjust. Looks great. Bad falls happen to everyone. Forget the price and buy the best.
From: Byron

Comments: Let me start by stating that I have had many Helmets over the years. This is by Far the best fitting Bauer Helmet I have ever had. It fits one size down from the previous models. Extremely light weight. I must say that intially I wasn't super pleased with the looks of it but it has grown on me. I also get many compliments on the looks of this bucket.
From: Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Comments: it is a great helmet light an extremely protective, i am a
freshmen at prep school and i take hits from people double my size and
my helmet has taken all of the force. Also it looks great i, am a
person who wants to look good on the ice and it looks great with any
cage or sheild.It is also extremely comfortable
From: Josh

Comments: Let me start of by saying I am obsessed with hockey gear and all the latest technology. I do not own this helmet," yet" but it is now on my list since i just bought a bauer 7500. I tried this on at a local hockey store to see how it fit. This new helmet has to be the most comfortable helmet that has ever rested on my head. It was felt like I was wearing my ball cap. I would love to test this out on ice to see how it works in terms of ventilation and protecting my concussion induced mellon. If you ask me this is by far better than any helmet on the market!!
From: ??

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