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Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmets w/Cage

Comments: Literally the best helmet I have ever bought and well worth the investment. I have had this model since it came out and have seen no signs of wear. The padding inside still looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. I play 3 times a week. As far as protection goes, I got absolutely lit up with a hit, but managed with skate away unscathed. Highly recommend!
From: Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Comments: Great helmet! Very comfortable with no pinch-points or areas of discomfort. The slide-bar in the back moves a pad to hug the back of your head in the softer area just underneath the widest part of your skull. When fitted properly and the slide-bar/adjuster is down, there is no way the helmet will come off even in a violent collision. The only drawback is that there is no sweat absorbency anywhere in the helmet. Be warned, RE-AKT facemasks run very short! I purchased a medium RE-AKT helmet with a medium cage combo, and had to replace the cage with a large.
From: Chad, San Diego, CA

Comments: At first I was a little undecided on which helmet I should buy, but then i decided to go with the re-akt, best decision I have made. It is so confortable with the adjust on the top and on the back it really makes the helmet to your head. First time I used it I took a hard hit to the head and it felt like nothing, been wearing it for 2 weeks now and it still feels amazing. Highly recomend this helmet, and o so light! You feel like there is nothing there but you have a highly protective helmet on your head.
From: Victor, TX

Comments: Easily the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. The Re-akt cage is also extremely light and the combo together is great.
From: Jeff, Carpinteria, CA

Comments: This is the best helmet I have ever gotten. So comfortable, and fantastic handling.
From: Sung, NY

Comments: Some may turn away from this helmet due to the large price tag, but when it comes to protecting your most important asset, price should not be an issue. As a medical school student, I would much rather protect my head than pay $230 for a high end stick. Of course, fit plays the largest role in proper protection, and I found the sizing to be slightly larger than the traditional Bauer helmet (I would recommend trying one on before purchasing). After trying on every high end helmet out there myself, I found this to be the most comfortable, with absolutely zero pressure points, and the occipital adjustment to very helpful in locking the helmet into place. The cage is incredibly light and has great sight lines, definitely the best one on the market at the moment. My only gripe would be that I found sweat dripping down my face while playing, but thats to be expected as the foam in most new helmets is not absorbent. I may have to velcro in a small sweatband in the forehead. I cannot comment on long-term durability, but I haven't found any areas of concern as of yet. Overall, whether you're playing contact AAA or non-contact beer league hockey, buying a good helmet should be a top priority, and this is one I would highly recommend.
From: Tim

Comments: This helmet is straight up great,so comfy and light. I've been hit to the head a few times while wearing it, no dizziness or problems like i would have if i was still wearing my 8K. I'd reccomend to anyone it's worth every cent!
From: Mitch

Comments: very comfortable helmet. The suspend tech solved my headaches caused by pressure points near my temple as I would with my old Bauer 7500. The new re-akt Titanium cage is very light, but I went back with my old Bauer 7500 cage as I find the bars thicker in comparison.
From: Eric

Comments: I like the helmet and agree with the first users comments that it does run a little on the large side.
From: Steve, MI

Comments: A great helmet. Lightweight, comfortable and easily adjustable are some of the characteristics of this helmet. Used a Bauer 5500 then switched to Reebok 11k, but this one is by far hands done the best. The helmet is extremely lightweight even with the RE-AKT cage. I do not get any of the headaches or temple pressure points like I did in my other helmets. The helmet does not retain moisture like my 11k did and dries very easily. I would recommend sizing the helmet first as it seems to run large. I wore large in the 11k and 5500 but I am wearing a medium and it fits perfectly
From: Mike, Texas

Comments: My original helmet was never very comfortable, and I suspected the protection wasn't the greatest either. Decided to upgrade, so I did some research on the Bauer Reakt. It seemed like it had a lot of great features, so I went for it. Now, I'll preface this by saying I've only worn it twice, but WOW - what a difference from my old CCM! So comfortable and a breeze to adjust. I especially like the occipital 3.0 feature. It's so easy, you can do a quick adjust while sitting on the bench, waiting for your next shift! The memory foam is not just marketing hype - it really works! Again, I've only worn it in a couple of games, but I can feel it getting more comfortable with each use. I bought the helmet/cage combo - definitely great sight lines with the cage. I never feel like there's a blind spot and the titanium cage is very light. Overall, a wonderful helmet. They say that skates are the most important equipment, but the helmet has to be a close second place. Highly recommended!
From: Matt, IA

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