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Bauer RE-AKT Titanium Hockey Helmet Cages

Comments: I'm a 20+ year cage wearer and even after trying probably ten cages over the years, this one is the best by a large amount. The tapered bars provide unmatched visibility and the shade of the metal makes for minimal distraction. This is by far the best cage and worth, I think, over $100. Well, that is unless you consider the thousands of dollars you'll save on dental work. So really, you can't afford NOT to buy this cage.
From: Chris, Redding, CA

Comments: Bought this cage to replace Oakley visor/cage combo. Hated cages in the past due to vision obstruction. Very happy with this cage. Light weight. No vision problems and don't notice that it's on while playing.
From: John, CA

Comments: Just purchased this cage last night and put it on my Warrior Krown 360 helmet. I was planning to buy the Reebok 11K cage, but after I picked up this Re-AKT cage, I changed my mind IMMEDIATEY. I put back the Reebok 11K and paid for this Re-AKT cage. This cage is light as it should be, Titanium material. It weight is about holding 10~15 pieces of plain paper in your hand. VERY LIGHT.

The only thing I need to put as "WARRNING" is the width of this cage. For people who have wider circumference of head like me. I am wearing KROWN 360 size XL helmet and I HAVE TO loose it all the way to the widest space. When I put on the helmet on my head, this cage actually has hard time to fully close to the place of the stopper. The chin cup is about 2 inches far from my chin...... Anyway, rather than having a cage that fits my helmet but too heavy, I prefer to keep this super light cage. About the vision field through the cage, I will say there is no difference from the Reebok 11K. Both are designed to increase vision field, by using oval metal bar (Re-AKT) or flat metal bar (11K). I will try its field performance on this coming Sunday, the first game of Summer season. One additional note for the readers is that I recommend you DO prepare one cage in hand. You will need a cage when playing during Spring and Summer time, to alow the sweat that is running on your face and forhead be air dried. If you keep on using a shield, it just blocks the air flow path. I just experience that through the whole Spring season game, so I finally made a decision to change my Oakley face shield combo to this cage.

From: Jen-Yen, VA

Comments: If you're looking to take your game to the next level, this is the cage to put on your helmet. I stuck this on my Bauer 4500 and I am not in the least disappointed. I do believe when they say it is 46% lighter than other cage on the market. Also the vision you have, unreal. It's as close as you're going to get with no cage but it is a much safer alternative. 100% recommended.
From: Jake at IW Hockey

Comments: Super light cage! Feels like nothing is there. You can move your head left and right with out feeling a momentum weight. Highly recommended!
From: Tony, San Jose, CA

Comments: Great Cage and Super light. Vision is very good. My cage for the past 6 years has been the CCM/JOFA FM480 and this cage is better in terms of weight and vision. The biggest difference is in the weight since it doesn't weigh the helmet down. The cage does seems to be a little smaller than the FM480 cages for the same size so just be aware that you might have to do some adjusting to get it comfortable if you're coming from the 480.
From: Roy

Comments: This cage is "crazy light" and almost feels like nothing is in your hand when you hold it. Stick it on a helmet and you won't feel it weigh you down or pull on the helmet at all. The field of vision is good with no issues seeing straight ahead or even closer to your feel and the grey color blends in well so you hardly notice the bars as you play. The chin cup is good, nothing special, but comfortable fitting enough. The true selling point of this cage is the weight, no other cage comes close to it in that regard. Combine it with an Easton E700 and be amazed with a helmet/cage combo that doesn't even feel like you have anything on your head.
From: Steve

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