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Comments: These are the first skates that I've owned, and I find them fantastic. My confidence has improved a lot, and they're incredibly comfortable. I think old mate with the 2 defunct ones just struck out. Something I'd definitely recommend to a friend!
From: Sydney, Australia

Comments: Very well made skates and they feel great after skating for 6 hours!!!
From: David, La Quinta, CA

Comments: This skate is amazing. It is very firm and tight, and my skating has improved so much more than my last pair of skates. These are more agile and help me pick up speed when i need too, or slow down to deliver a hit. Wouldn't trade them for the world!
From: Derek, MD

Comments: I was intially happy with these skates but soon was disapointed. First time on the ice the left one started making a "clicking" noise. I KNOW that any "clicking noise" a fixed runner skate makes indicates that the runner is moving, even if ever so slightly. If it's moving it's loose!(contrary to what an Ice Warehouse customer service employee tried to tell me). Don't let anyone tell you different. After time, with the amount of force that is applied to runners, considering your weight and the force being applied by the skating movement, the metal runner WILL eventually win out over the plastic holder. Result, BROKEN HOLDER & MAJOR INJURY! I returned them for replacement and the replacement skates did the same thing but on the right skate! Bauer should be ashamed! My opinion, these are JUNK. I've owned Rec. skates that didn't do this. I would NOT recomend these skates. Save your money until you can buy skates with replaceable runners. Shame on you BAUER!!

From: William, WA

Comments: Very Comfortable and durable
From: Ben, Fremont, MI

Comments: This is the best skates!!!
From: Anton.

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