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Comments: Already wrote one review but i just cant express how great these skates are! Deffinetly want another pair! worth ever penny of your hard earned money! buy these!
From: Simon, Canada

Comments: Comments: first off these skates are amazing. these skates should be recognized as a "top of the line" skate. I realize that the nxg is better but really the only differences are the tongues and the steel and how much of a difference can a few grams make. If you are looking for a top of the line skate at a good price point i recommend these skate. If you are not understanding how amazing these skates are, then ask someone who has them and have them tell you about the is AMAZING! I give the skates a 15/10 thats how good they are!!!
From: Jack, MI

Comments: So these were my first pair of advanced level skates. Starting from basic Bauer Impact 100s to Bauer Vapor x40s, I was ready for a strong stiff boot that was extremely responsive and transfered all of my power and movement. While I loved my Bauer Vapor x40s for their high performance per dollar ratio- I found over time that I was outskating the skate. I would want to lean more into my turns and push harder on my cross overs and it would end up with a leg spinning out or digging into the very bottom of the quarter panel and tearing off the nylon. I would also take off my x40s and the top end or side of my feet would be slightly hurting which was an issue that didn't show up until a year of skating every week with them, so its possible I just wore them out. Going forward from the vapor x40s- I was open to ANY ideas for an advanced skate. In comparison I was stacking up Bauer supreme one.9s and Vapor x7.0s, RBK 20ks, CCM U+ crazy lights, Easton RS and EQ50s, along with some Grafs. basically the best of the best that is offered from every line. In the end- I chose the Bauer Supreme one.9 skates for the fit, stiffness in the boot, and the technology Bauer was incorporating into these skates. These skates are extremely stiff! other skates still have a slight give, if you squeeze the top panels on all the skates you will still have some movement, however with the Supremes you really feel how stiff and strong the panels are in comparison. This is either something you want and are ready for, or if you wish to have a slightly more forgiving feel then perhaps another skate would be for you.

Coming from a shorter runner to the longer ones on the Supreme one.9s, it took about a month to fully get used to when it came to my quick movements/shifty pivot moves and my stickhandling tricks involving my skates, but there was an actual power difference I noticed in my strides which I thought were just going to be a gimmick that Bauer toted. Turns out I felt more power and more glide in my stride, and the combination of the longer
blade along with the stiffness of the boot easily took what I gave it. When I put all my weight into a turn at full speed or when I took off and had to get to top speed ASAP- these skates take the power and energy I put into it and work extremely well. For me the stiffness of the boot was my primary need and the longer runner was a primary concern because my skating is my best strength in a game. However over time you adjust and it is now not a big deal.
From: Matthew, CT

Comments: I have been skating in this skate for 3 months now and could not be happier. Out of the box the skate seemed stiff but very comfortable on my feet. I wear a 10 in just about every street shoe and have a D with. That said, I was almost certain the Vapor line of skates would be what fitted me best. It did not. Bauer suggests the Supreme skates have a deeper fit and they do... What I want to point out is it is not as extreme as one might expect from the way it has been marketed. After baking the Supreme ONE9 I knew this skate would be comfortable. The curve composite material molded around my foot like a slipper. Standing up the formfit foot bed was noticeable in a good way.There were no hotspots under my feet that come into play when the arches are too tall. Combined with Bauer's Tuuk holder I felt like I was in a good skating posture. For those that like a more aggressive forward lean the vapor line has that trait. As an option you can simply get them profiled by your sharpe
ner to suit your preferred skating position.
On the ice the skates felt great right off the bat. It took just a few skates to get the tongue to break in which was the only part of the skate I felt could benefit from just being used. I found with the stiffness of the boot I could get away with just pulling the laces snug without worrying about getting them super tight for extra support.
Playing four times a week the skates are holding up as expected. Aside from the puck marks and little scratches they still look and and feel great.
I would recommend these skates without hesitation. Yes, they are expensive but I expect the performance gains and comfort will be worth the extra hard earned dollars.
From: Leigh, PA

Comments: These skates are great for my feet, they are stiff, light, responsive and like 300$ cheaper than the TotalOne NXG's, i had one100's last year and honestly it's pretty much the same skate so if you liked those you'll like these.
From: Blake, MI

Comments: Very light weight and durable. The skates are awesome I have had them for about 6 months now and I love them. I play about 5-6 times a week at a very high level they have suffered some skates to the boot with only one gash in the side of the boot itself. I have also taken A LOT of shots off the boot and it does not hurt at all. I would have to say switching back from easton I am very impressed and look forward to see what Bauer has to offer in the future.
From: Will

Comments: I have wide feet and this is an excellent skate for my feet. This skate is deeper, stiffer, and wider than the Reebok 20K. It is very light, stiff, and responsive. Worth Every Penny!!
From: Anthony

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